Colloquium: Robert Englebretson

Holton 190

Linguistics Department Colloquium: Robert Englebretson (Rice University) Why Braille is not a Tactile ‘Code’ for Visual Print: Evidence from Sublexical Structure Previous research has overwhelmingly demonstrated that fluent reading (of visual print) relies heavily on the unconscious visual recognition of […]

Colloquium: Samantha Beaver

Holton 190

Linguistics Department Colloquium: Samantha Beaver (founder, Memra Language Services; UWM Linguistics class of 2015) Re-framing Language as a Technology; Re-framing the Linguist as a Tech-expert Memra Language Services is a learning and analytics laboratory that brings sociolinguistic research techniques into […]

Colloquium: Joseph Siegel

Merrill 315

Linguistics Department Colloquium: Joseph Siegel (Stockholm University) Development and Variation in Academic Listening and Notetaking Listening in academic contexts entails high-stakes situations in which accurate aural comprehension of gist and detail is crucial for learning. Traditionally conceived as one-way listening […]

Colloquium: Travis Major

Merrill 316

Linguistics Department Colloquium: Travis Major (USC) "Say"-complementation: re-analyzing Lubukusu complementizer agreement In this talk, I extend the analysis of "say" complementation structures in Major (2021a, 2021b) of Uyghur (Turkic) and Avatime (Kwa) to Lubukusu (Bantu). "Say" complementation (schematically "I told […]