Aaron L Shansky Sketchbooks, UWM Manuscript Collection 290
This collection consists of six books of sketches by Aaron Shansky. Sketches largely consist of pencil images of people, in whole or part, including nudes. Also included are sketches of buildings and streetscapes, both rural and urban, as well as some images of animals. Some sketches are in color pencil or watercolor.

Danny Pierce, UWM Manuscript Collection 224
This collection contains woodblocks carved by the artist and former UW-Milwaukee art professor Danny Pierce for two of his books, Alces the Sad Moose (1995) and The Trek (1996). Also included are color photographs of Pierce taken while preparing the blocks and text for Alces the Sad Moose. View our digital exhibit on Pierce’s work here.

Max Arthur Cohn Records, 1923-1950, UWM Manuscript Collection 225
This collections consists of selected works done by Max Arthur Cohn between the years 1923 and 1950. There are a couple etchings, several lithographs and numerous serigraphs. Many of the items are unique editions. The collection also includes many holiday greetings cards printed by Cohn as well as a portrait of the artist done by cartoonist, Jack Markow.

Peace Paper Project Records, 1999-2019, UWM Manuscript Collection 358
This collection consists of both process materials and finished works of workshops and interventions led by the Peace Paper Project, mostly handmade paper and print samples. The collection also includes some sample papers, prints, and books created by interns and some items created independently by artists associated with the Peace Paper Project. The collection includes recipe books for paper as well as correspondence from co-founder Drew Matott written to Max Yela, Head of the UWM Special Collections department.

Sutton Hoo Press, UWM Manuscript Collection 225
Records of Sutton Hoo Press, includes book overruns for several imprints, block print proofs, layouts, and original reductive wood blocks.

Tse-Tsung Chow Collection of Chinese Scrolls and Fan Paintings
This collection consists of over 120 calligraphic and painted Chinese scrolls and fans, ranging from the 18th through the 20th centuries donated to UWM Special Collections by UW-Madison Professor Emeritus Tse-Tsung Chow and his wife Nancy Wu Chow. View the digital collection here.

Yiddish Poster Collection
78 Eastern European Yiddish Posters (mostly for theatrical performances), that serve as documentation of performative presentations in Eastern Europe, especially Latvia, in the inter-war period. Information in the posters include venue names, performance dates, titles and descriptions of performances/presentations, performer/presenter names (some with titles, brief biographical info, and photographic image), and sponsor information. View the digital collection here.

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