Carrels Request Form

The Gold Meir Library has a limited number of study carrels that faculty and staff members engaged in research and writing that requires extended use of library resources may request for assignment. Faculty may also approve carrel use for graduate students engaged in similar research and writing.

Carrel assignments are for the duration of one academic year (September 1 to August 31) and may be renewed annually. Requests for shorter duration assignments may be accommodated based upon availability. Carrels are intended to be used for research and writing and are not offices or storage lockers. Carrel users must observe the UWM Libraries’ User Rights and Responsibilities guidelines and adhere to the Policies & Procedures for the Assignment & Use of Carrels.

To request or renew a carrel assignment, please complete the following form.

Your Name(Required)
Address (Campus or Home)

Graduate Students, please provide the contact information for your faculty sponsor

Indicate the area of the library you prefer(Required)
See our floorplans  for reference
Indicate all periods you need the carrel(Required)
Policy Review(Required)

You will be contacted regarding your request after it has been submitted. Graduate students, you will be contacted after your approving faculty member has replied with their approval.

Any questions about carrels may be directed to Chris Baxter.