Gifts-in-Kind Donations of Materials

The UWM Libraries selectively accept donations of academic materials that support the teaching, learning, and research missions of the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.

To discuss a possible gift-in-kind donation, contact Chris Doll by emailing or calling 414-251-5428.

We encourage prospective donors to contact us in advance. Provide a description of the gift, and a detailed list of titles, authors, dates, and subject area(s). We would also encourage donors to consider giving a monetary donation to help defray the costs of processing, cataloging, and preserving materials given to the libraries.

Materials that we accept:

Books by current UWM faculty and staff are always accepted. If possible, we would like two copies, one for permanent retention in the UWM Authors Collection in Special Collections, and a second, circulating copy for the UWM Authors Browsing Collection.

The Libraries may accept the following types of materials:

  • Scholarly books supporting UWM’s teaching, learning, or research
  • General interest materials published in the last five years
  • Textbooks (most recent edition only, in new condition)

The Libraries do not accept these materials:

  • Incomplete runs or single issues of periodicals or journals
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Mass-market paperbacks
  • Government publications
  • Books that are highlighted, underlined, dirty, or otherwise in poor physical condition
  • VHS tapes, cassette tapes, reel-to-reel tapes, phonograph records, or other obsolete media
  • Titles that the library already owns, unless they are by current UWM faculty and staff.

The American Geographical Society Library, UWM Archives, and Special Collections have different requirements for accepting donations. Please contact them directly.

Conditions of Acceptance

Gift in kind donations are retained at the discretion of the Collection & Resource Management Division. Donated materials that are not selected for addition may be sent to a reseller or recycled. We are unable to return donated materials.

Donations that arrive without preapproval may be discarded.


The UWM Libraries will provide a letter of acknowledgment for all donors who complete a Gift In Kind Acknowledgment and Receipt.

We are unable to provide detailed inventories of gifts.


By law, the UWM Libraries can assume no responsibility for providing estimated values for gifts in kind. It is the donor’s responsibility to seek a qualified appraisal if they wish to take a tax deduction and believe that the value of the donation exceeds $5000. For more information, see Tax Issues.