Eric Lohman

Teaching Faculty II
 Bolton 538


PhD, The University of Western Ontario
MA, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
BA, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Courses Taught

JAMS 101 — Introduction to Mass Media
JAMS 111 — Gender and the Media
JAMS 262 — Principles of Media Studies
JAMS 562 — Media Studies and Culture
JAMS 660 — Seminar in Contemporary Issues in Media Studies, Topic: Gender, Race, and Class in Wedding Media
JAMS 660 — Seminar in Contemporary Issues in Media Studies, Topic: The Political Economy of Media

Research Interests

Political Economy of Media, gender, and labor. Critical theory, Marxism, public interest media, advertising, and wedding media.

Teaching Areas

Intersections of political economy/Marxist theory, gender, and media.

Professional Experience

Former Communication Chair, Public Service Alliance of Canada Local 610: Teaching Assistant’s Union
Former VP Communication, Society of Graduate Students at University of Western Ontario

Selected Publications

Lohman, Stephani, and Eric Lohman. Raising Rosie: Our Story of Parenting an Intersex Child. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2018.
Lohman, Eric. “Running Mother Ragged: Women and Labor in the Age of Telecommuting.” In Feminist Erasures: Challenging Backlash Culture, ed. Kumarini Silva and Kaitlynn Mendes. Palgrave Macmillan: UK. 2015.
Lohman, Eric. “When [S]He is Working, [S]He is not at Home: Challenging Assumptions About Remote Work.” Doctoral Dissertation, University of Western Ontario. 2015.

Other Activities

Board Member of InterACT, Advocates for Informed Choice.