Making decisions in a weather-impacted industry can be a challenge. With Innovative Weather’s qualified student meteorologists, 24/7 decision support, and customized risk assessments, you can have the confidence to make decisions while supporting the young professionals of our community.

Since 2007, Innovative Weather has enjoyed strong partnerships with leading companies from around the Upper Midwest who desire greater context and specific weather risk assessments for their operations.  Our partners don’t pay simply for weather data, but invest in young professionals while receiving tailored alerts and forecasts to help them manage the weather risks.  We help our partners understand the probabilities and possibilities for negative outcomes as a weather risk advances into their domain. Our goal in partnership is to understand your risks well enough that we feel the risk before you do.

Because of our dual mission to (1) provide students and recent graduates with excellent professional opportunities and (2) maintain a high degree of customized weather support for our partners, we generally retain our focus on partnerships within Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest. If you would like to learn more about how your company can take advantage of better risk assessments while investing in student outcomes, we would love the opportunity to talk with you!

Industries Served

When the weather threatens power distribution, a clear understanding of the forecast is paramount. Mitigate outages, coordinate crews, and keep them safe, from severe thunderstorms to winter storms and everything in between.
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Have confidence in preparing roadways and crews for adverse winter weather. Be it the next winter storm, lake effect snow, or just nightly frost and refreezing snowmelt, we have it handled.
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Whether it’s outdoor sports, student transport, summer camps, or graduation ceremonies, the forecast has an impact. Keep administrators and faculty well informed of risks, ensuring the safety of students and staff on campus.
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When people gather outdoors, a reliable eye on the sky is necessary. Have confidence in planning and protecting your event, and even watching over day-to-day facilities, so there are no surprise if adverse weather arrives.
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Whether at the pier, in the harbor, or on the open waters, be confident in the planning and safety of your operation around the ever-dynamic weather on the Great Lakes.
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Engage your audience with relatable, passionate young professionals who are skilled in telling the forecast story. Ensure your hosts have the most up-to-date forecast data, on time, every day.
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Respecting the environment starts with a confident understanding of weather-related impacts. Have confidence in managing adverse weather’s risks to your operation, team, and research.
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With a rich history across many sectors since 2007, we can customize our forecast and decision support for any operation.

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