Innovative Weather Has Closed
Innovative Weather has ceased all operations as of April 30th, 2024. While our student internships and forecasting services have discontinued, this website stands to tell the legacy of Innovative Weather and it’s alumni.

Thanks to the skills gained through Innovative Weather, I am now able to use what I learned and fuel my passion toward helping core partners, like local emergency managers and media, with their own communication and decision-making regarding the weather, which in turn keeps the general public safe every day

Chelsea Picha Meteorologist – NWS Topeka, KS

Innovative Weather was an paid internship at UW-Milwaukee’s Atmospheric Science program, recognizing the value of practical experience and professional development for students in order to build a strong resume. Our internships helped over 100 students from 2007 to 2024, originating from across the US, and across the world. With a 24/7 forecast operation, long standing partners, and a focus on personal and professional development, Innovative Weather grew into strong student meteorologists. Our alumni hold a reputation of being quick contributors in their workplaces, positive contributors to culture, effective communicators and credible meteorologists.

To become qualified meteorologists, IW’s student interns underwent months of comprehensive training with leadership and faculty. This included instruction to expand classroom understanding of synoptic meteorology, alongside lessons on dual polarized radar, risk assessment and decision support communications, and a wide range of MetEd modules. Applied practice and an opportunity to “fail forward”, assisted with a mentorship program, provided the opportunity to grow into confident forecasters and risk communicators.

To become reliable young professionals, our program made a focus on positive servant-leadership culture. The saying “humble enough to learn, but confident enough to lead” was a foundation of their experience. The opportunity to experience the stresses of 24/7 forecasting operations, working in a high-impact team-driven environment, provided the opportunity to sometimes fail, and move forward with valuable life lessons. Our alumni understand the importance of credibility, and using it as a currency in their personal and professional lives.

With over 100 alumni from Innovative Weather, they are staffed in many fields across the country. Many have gone into the weather enterprise, as team members in NWS offices, broadcast stations, and private forecasting organizations. We also have alumni placed within academic institutions ranging from middle school teachers to university professors. Others have gone onto successful careers in GIS, engineering, financial, actuarial, and a wide range of other fields.

Innovative Weather provides an avenue to bring classroom knowledge to a real world setting while simultaneously working towards a degree, resulting in practical experience in addition to a diploma, making any candidate with that background attractive and valuable to future employers.

Kate Fossell Associate Scientist – NCAR

This program produces students who are not only trained in the basic meteorological physical science but who, upon graduation, also have developed the requisite skills to be productive and capable employees of the National Weather Service (NWS) along with other components of the weather enterprise.

Dr. Louis Uccellini Former Director of the National Weather Service