Shengang Wang

Shengang Wang

  • PhD Student, School of Information Studies

PhD Student


  • Master of Library Science, Peking University
  • Bachelor of Management in Information Management and Information System, Peking University

Research Interests

Qualitative research
Vulnerable communities
Health informatics
Digital library

Recent Publications

Choi, W., Wang, S., Lee, Y., Oh, H., & Zhen, Z. (forthcoming). Mobile health technologies to support self-management of multiple chronic conditions: A systematic review with a focus on diabetes and hypertension. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.

Wang, S. (2019). The Intellectual Landscape of the Domain of Culture and Ethics in Knowledge Organization: An Analysis of Influential Authors and Works. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, 57(4), 227-243.

Lee, H., & Wang, S. (2018). Investigating digital humanities: a domain analysis of conference proceedings published in Taiwan, 2009-2016. Journal of Library and Information Studies, 16 (2), 1-23.

Alhumaidan, Y., Dowell, M., Rene, J., Leverett, L., Ridenour, L., Schlais, V., Wang, S., and Smiraglia, R.P. (2018). Knowledge organization and the 2017 UDC seminar: an editorial. Knowledge Organization, 45(4), 273-280.