Ning Chiao Wang

  • PhD Student, School of Information Studies


  • Graduate Institute of Library & Information Studies, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Recent Publications  

Tu, Y. F., Chen, C. C., Wang, N. C., Hunsapun, N., & Chen, Y. C. (2023). A Comparison of Research Trends in Information Literacy in Higher Education of Asian and Non-Asian Countries. Information Literacy Education of Higher Education in Asian Countries, 31-61.

Chen, C. C., Wang, N. C., Tu, Y. F., & Lin, H. J. (2022). 12 YEARS OF INFORMATION LITERACY RESEARCH IN HIGHER EDUCATION OF ASIA COUNTRIES THROUGH BIBLIOMETRIC AND CONTENT ANALYSIS. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Social Sciences (Vol. 8, No. 01).

Chen, C. C., Wang, N. C., Tang, K. Y., & Tu, Y. F. (2022). Research issues of the top 100 cited articles on information literacy in higher education published from 2011 to 2020: A systematic review and co-citation network analysis. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 38(6), 34-52.

Chen, C. C., Wang, N. C., Tu, Y. F., & Lin, H. J. (2021). Research trends from a decade (2011–2020) for information literacy in higher education: Content and bibliometric mapping analysis. Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 58(1), 48-59.

Wang, N. C., & Chen, C. C. (2019). The Comparative Study of Team Teaching On Cognition and Practice Between Teacher-Librarians in Taiwan and Hong Kong: A Case Study of Two Primary Schools (No. 1600). EasyChair.

Wang, N. C., & Chen, C. C. (2017). A Comparative Study of Collaborative Teaching’s Cognition and Practice between Hong Kong and Taiwan Elementary School’s Teacher-Librarians.

Research Interests

Artificial intelligence
Information-seeking behavior
Information Literacy 
Information retrieval
Information visualization