Abigail Phillips

Abigail Phillips

  • Assistant Professor, School of Information Studies

Assistant Professor


Doctor of Philosophy, Information Studies,                  2016
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

Specialist, Library and Information Studies,                  2014
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
Focus: Leadership and Management

Master of Science, Library and Information Studies,  2008
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
Focus: Children and Youth Services

Bachelor of Arts, Major: Anthropology                          2006
University of Georgia, Athens, GA


I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. My general research interests include cyberbullying, youth, social media, empathy, librarianship, libraries, making, critical librarianship, neurodiversity, and mental health advocacy. I recently completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Utah State University in the Department of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences.

I received my PhD in Information Science from the School of Information at Florida State University in the Spring of 2016. Before I began the PhD program, I worked as public librarian at a small, rural library system in Southwest Georgia. My work with young adults as a librarian is the root of my research interest in this population. I continue to be a strong advocate for school and public libraries in our communities. But it’s not hard to advocate for libraries who serve as important and accessible public spaces within our communities.

I received my BA in anthropology and history from the University of Georgia in 2006. In 2008, I completed my MLIS at FSU with a concentration in children and youth services. After working as a public librarian for 4 years, I decided to return to FSU and get my PhD in Information Studies. Somewhere along the line I completed my SLIS (Specialist in Library and Information Studies) with a focus on leadership and management. And then my PhD.

Courses Taught

INFOST 736 The Public Library
INFOST 501 Foundations of Library and Information Science

Sample Publications


Lee, V. R. & Phillips. A (Eds.). (in press). Reconceptualizing libraries: Possibilities for information and learning sciences. Abington, U.K.: Routledge


Phillips, A., & Lee, V. R. (under review). Whose responsibility is it? A statewide survey of school librarians on responsibilities and resources for teaching digital citizenship. School Library Research.

Phillips, A., & Anderson, A. (under review). Cyberbullying, digital citizenship, and youth with Autism: LIS education as a piece in the puzzle. Library Quarterly.

Phillips, A., Recker, M., & Lee, V. (under review). A framework for characterizing 21st Century school librarianship: How librarians enact innovative activities. School Libraries Worldwide.

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