Melissa Castillo

Melissa Davey Castillo

  • PhD Student, School of Information Studies

PhD Student


  • M.A., English, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  • B.A., Philosophy, Minor: Music performance, Trinity International University

Research Interests

Information seeking behavior
Information searching as learning
Collaborative information seeking
Usability and accessibility of digital libraries


Xie, I., Babu, R., Lee, T. H., Castillo, M. D., You, S., & Hanlon, A. M. (2020). Enhancing usability of digital libraries: Designing help features to support blind and visually impaired users. Information Processing & Management, 57(3), 102110.

Xie, I., Babu, R., Castillo, M. & Han, H. (2018) Identification of factors associated with blind users’ help-seeking situations in interacting with digital librariesJournal of the American Association for Information Science and Technology, 69(4), 514-527.

Xie, I., Babu, R., Castillo, M. D. and Han, H. (2017), Identification of factors associated with blind users' help-seeking situations in interacting with digital libraries. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology. doi: 10.1002/asi.23982

Cai, X., Castillo, M., Hassan, M. D., Graf, A., Park, H., & Smiraglia, R. P. (2016). Knowledge Organization and the 2015 UDC Seminar: An Editorial. Knowledge Organization. 43(6), 395-402.

Conference Presentations

Xie, I., Babu, R., Castillo, M. D., Lee, T. H., & You, S. (2018, Oct.). Developing Digital Library Design Guidelines to Support Blind Users. In Proceedings of the 20th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility (pp. 401-403). ACM.

Xie, I., Babu, R., Castillo, M. & Han, H. (2017). Designing Help Features to Support Blind Users’ Interactions with Digital Libraries. ALISE 2017, Atlanta, GA.

Castillo, M. (2011). “Don’t Get Too Close Please”: Guarding Desire in Howard Norman’s The Museum Guard. 8th Annual Red River Graduate Student Conference, NDSU, Fargo, ND.

Scholarly Activities

Lecturer, Spring 2019, SOIS, INFOST 547: User-Centered Interaction Design
Graduate Teaching Assistant. Spring 2017. INFOST 682: Digital Libraries
PhD Student Representative, Doctoral Program Committee (Spring 2017)
Research Assistant, School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2014-present

Graduate Assistant, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, 2009-2011