Program of Study

Credits and Courses

The Master of Human Resources and Labor Relations (MHRLR) program offers a balance between liberal arts and business-based education. The degree consists of 36 credits or twelve courses: seven courses consist of the core or required courses and five electives courses. The courses are evenly divided between the College of Letters & Science and the Lubar College of Business. This ensures that students gain knowledge in all aspects of the field.

The Core courses provide a foundation of knowledge critical to the success of professionals in the field. The elective courses allow students to specialize in a specific area of interest.

Nature of Courses

Classes generally meet at night for two hours and forty minutes once each week starting at either 5:30 or 6:00pm. Underlying all courses is an emphasis on developing effective Human Resource/Labor Relations professionals. We encourage student involvement and participation in the classroom and focus on the practical application of what students learn.

Teaching format, organization and style of classes is determined solely by the most effective way to teach a particular course. Many instructors make extensive use of case studies. Others use in-class presentations, role-playing and visiting speakers.

Time Limit

Per the Graduate School policies, students must complete all requirements for the MHRLR degree within seven years.

Graduate Grievance Procedures

Federal law and UWM policy require programs and departments to have procedures for graduate students to appeal academic decisions such as grades or scholastic standing. These procedures ensure the protection of students’ rights. These pages serve as a reference on procedures for graduate student academic appeals.