MHRLR Program


The MHRLR program offers students an interdisciplinary blend of courses and faculty in the areas of human resource management and labor relations. The program is designed for full-time and part-time students who seek careers in the private or public sectors, and with unions or management. Elective courses and options within the core requirements allow students to gain the specialized knowledge needed to work in all the areas of the profession.

The program of study consists of 36 credits or twelve courses: seven courses in the core requirements and five elective courses. Students may use the electives courses to either focus their studies in one particular area of the profession or take courses in a number of areas to gain breadth of knowledge.

The MHRLR Program offers two Graduate Certificates for those students who wish to specialize and demonstrate knowledge in the fields of International Human Resources and Labor Relations or Mediation and Negotiation.

Students may begin their studies in the Fall, Spring or Summer semesters. The program does not have a specific deadline to apply.