Buff, Rachel

Professor, Chair of History Department


PhD, American Studies, University of Minnesota, 1995
BA, Brown University, 1985

Research Interests

Immigration, immigrant rights; transnational cultural politics of the Cold War; diasporic cultural citizenship

Teaching Areas

Comparative Ethnic Studies, immigration history, U.S. Survey, post-1945

Courses Offered

Ethnic 101 - Africans, Europeans and Indian Nations in the Making of American Cultures
Ethnic 102 - Transnational Migration
Hist 600/Ethnic 550 - Immigration and U.S. Popular Culture
Hist 436 - Midwestern Migrations
Hist 419 - Post-1945 U.S.
Hist 800 - Colloquium on U.S. History - Immigration History
Hist 900 - Seminar on U.S. History - Rhetorics of Citizenship
Hist 900 - Seminar on U.S. History - Citizen, Migrant, Nation

Other Activities

Coordinator, Comparative Ethnic Studies Program
Interim Editor, Voces de la Frontera
Editorial Board Member, Nation of Nations Series, New York University Press

Selected Publications

Buff, Rachel I. Against the Deportation Terror: Organizing for Immigrant Rights in the Twentieth Century. Temple University Press, 2017: 282.
Buff, Rachel I. “'We're Here Because You Were There': Refugee Rights Advocacy and AntiSemitism.” On Anti Semitism: Solidarity and the Struggle for Justice. Ed. Jewish Voice for Peace, . Haymarket Books, (2017): 121-128.
Buff, Rachel I. “Domestic Internationalisms, Imperial Nationalisms: Civil Rights, Immigration and Conjugal Military Policy.” Routing Diasporas. Ed. McGuinness, Aims, McKay, Steve, and Banerjee, Sukanya. University of Illinois, (2012).
Buff, Rachel I. “'The Undergraduate Railroad'.” Immigrant Rights in the Shadows of Citizenship. Ed. Buff, Rachel I. New York University Press, (2008).
Buff, Rachel I. “Denizenship as Transnational Practice.” Public Culture: Diversity, Democracy and Community in the United States. Ed. Schaffer, Marguerite. University of Pennsylvania Press, (2008): 263-272.
Buff, Rachel I. “Harry Truman, Immigration and Ethnicity at an Imperial Moment.” Harry's Farewell: Interpreting and Teaching the Truman Presidency. Ed. Kirkendall, Richard. University of Missouri Press, (2004).