Helena Pycior

  • Professor Emerita, History


  • PhD, History, Cornell University
  • MA, Mathematics, Cornell University

Courses Taught

  • Hist 192 - Freshman Seminar - "Best Friends" - History of Human-Animal Relations
  • Hist 229 - History of Race, Science, and Medicine in the United States
  • Hist 398 - Darwin and Darwinism
  • Hist 448 (900) - Seminar on American History: History of Human-Animal Relationships
  • Hist 600 - Seminar in History - History of Human-Animal Relations
  • Hist 940 - Seminar on Global History - Gender, Race, Science, and Medicine, the 19th and 20th Centuries

Teaching Interests

  • Race, gender, science, and medicine
  • History of human-animal relations
  • Darwin and Darwinism

Research Interests

  • History of human-animal relations
  • History of race, gender, and science in the United States
  • Scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Intellectual and cultural history

Selected Publications

Pycior, Helena M.“"Animal-Human Relations"” Encyclopedia of MilwaukeeEd. Seligman, Amanda I., and Anderson, Margo J.Northern Illinois University Press. (): approximately 3,000 words of text.
Pycior, Helena M.“"Mathematics and Humor"” Alice in Wonderland, A Norton Critical Edition3rd edition. Ed. Gray, Donald J.New York: W. W. Norton. (2013): 378-383.
Pycior, Helena M.“"Beyond the Symbol of the Woman Scientist: Marie Sklodowska Curie from the Standpoints of Presidents Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover"” Polish Review57.2 (2012): 69-104.
Pycior, Helena M.“"Hunde in Weissen Haus: Warren G. Hardings Laddie Boy und Franklin D. Roosevelts Fala"” Tierische Geschichte: Die Beziehung von Mensch und Tier in der Kultur der ModerneEd. Brantz, Dorothee, and Mauch, Christof. Schöningh. (2010): 79-102.
Pycior, Helena M.“"Public and Private Lives of ‘First Dogs’: Warren G. Harding’s Laddie Boy and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Fala"” Beastly Natures: Animals, Humans, and the Study of HistoryEd. Brantz, Dorothee. University of Virginia Press. (2010): 176-203.