The Graduate School at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee contributes to a thriving Milwaukee metropolitan area and to the regional, national, and global communities by fostering inclusive, equitable, forward-thinking, and accessible graduate education that supports the professional and personal development of individuals and the growth of knowledge.


The UWM Graduate School advocates for prospective and current graduate students, alumni, and graduate program faculty and staff. We support excellence in graduate education across UWM’s wide variety of programs.

The UWM Graduate School:

  • serves programs, faculty, and staff by administrating the procedural aspects of graduate studies in collaboration with shared governance groups and campus resource units;
  • guides graduate students in navigating policies and procedures and provides professional development;
  • fosters practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion to create a sense of connection and belongingness within a vibrant UWM community.


We are guided in our work by our values: Collaboration, Community, Diversity, Excellence, Integrity, Responsiveness, Transparency.

  • Collaboration – We see active campus-wide collaboration as fundamental to thriving graduate education.
  • Community – We nurture belongingness through connections among graduate students and with the broader UWM and Milwaukee communities to support individual well-being.
  • Diversity – We foster diverse representation and equity in graduate education because it strengthens our mission for research and study.
  • Excellence – We take pride in the outstanding academic research and scholarship accomplishments of our graduate students, faculty, and staff.
  • Integrity – We engage in stewardship of processes to ensure the high quality of our educational programs, academic research, and scholarship.
  • Responsiveness –We update, adapt, and accommodate our processes in response to the changing needs of graduate students and graduate programs.
  • Transparency – We demystify the bureaucracy of graduate education for students, faculty, and staff.