To help increase diversity, equity and inclusion in the health professions and to grow the health care workforce.

More than 30 renewable scholarships are available annually for new freshmen, transfer, continuing, certificate, master’s, and clinical doctorate students pursuing health-related fields.

How to Apply

Complete and submit the following:

  1. UWM application for admission, including all transcripts and required materials. Click on the Health-Related Programs button above to see eligible academic programs and be sure to list one of those majors as your first choice of study.
  2. Panther Scholarship Portal General Application. Students must complete this to be considered for UWM scholarships.
  3. Froedtert Memorial Hospital Scholarship Application. The application opens for submissions on October 1.

Application submission deadline: December 1
All steps above must be completed by this date to be considered.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
This scholarship requires that recipients demonstrate financial need via the FAFSA. Due to changes to the FAFSA for 2024-25, the US Department of Education will first make the application available in December 2023. Applicants for this scholarship will be notified via email of the FAFSA availability, and UWM will provide a deadline in 2024 by which applicants must submit the FAFSA to ensure consideration for this scholarship.

Students not eligible for federal financial aid can complete the Non-FAFSA Need Worksheet (PDF) and upload it to the Panther Scholarship Portal General Application.

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Financial and Academic Support

The Froedtert Memorial Hospital Scholarship average award per recipient will be $5000 per year. The award includes renewable 4-year awards to incoming freshmen, renewable 2-year awards to continuing and transfer students, and several awards for graduate degree students.

Awards for incoming new freshmen will be structured to increase in value each year to provide incentives to achieve academically. When combined with other need-based governmental grants and institutional scholarships for which recipients are eligible, these awards will be very effective at meeting financial needs.

See Froedtert Memorial Hospital Scholarship award amounts
Student TypeAnnual Award AmountTotal Award Amount
New Freshman$2000-$8000$20,000 over 4 years
New Transfer$5000$10,000 over 2 years
Continuing$5000$10,000 over 2 years
Master’s$5000$10,000 over 2 years
Clinical Doctorate$5000$15,000 over 3 years

About Froedtert Hospital

Froedtert Hospital, the academic medical center of the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network, has 702 beds and is a leading referral resource for advanced medical care. Froedtert Hospital also operates the region’s only adult Level I Trauma Center.

The primary adult teaching affiliate of MCW, Froedtert Hospital is a major training facility for more than 1,000 medical, nursing and health technical students annually. It is also a respected research center, participating in some 2,000 research studies, including clinical trials, every year.

Froedtert Hospital is located on the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center campus. Campus partners include Children’s Wisconsin, Curative Care Network, MCW, and Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin.

Froedtert Memorial Hospital Scholarship
Froedtert Memorial Hospital Scholarship
Along with his duties as Lab Manager, Brad De Pons is also a clinical instructor and teaches the introductory course to the Biomedical Sciences program. Topics covered in this course include Medical Microbiology, Clinical Chemistry, Cytology, Immunology, Clinical Hematology, Urinalysis, Hemostasis and Immunohematology/Transfusion Medicine.

UWM is the Destination for Health

UWM is driving change through innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and leadership. Working together to design joint courses and develop new programs that cultivate student success, we’re shaping education, research and community engagement.

UWM prepares students through interprofessional education that mirrors real healthcare environments. Innovative research is conducted to help improve the lives of those with physical and mental health issues. Health at UWM promotes healthier living while serving and educating the community. UWM aims to Inform and drive health policies locally and globally

UWM offers:

  • Accessible, world-class faculty 
  • Welcoming, inclusive environment
  • Diverse community
  • Excellent education, close to home 


How are award decisions made?

A committee of faculty and staff from multiple areas makes determinations based on a holistic review of each application.

When and how will awardees be notified?

Awardees will be notified of their selection by February 1 and will receive notification via email.

Can I apply for the scholarship and admission at different times?

Yes, you may apply for the scholarship and admission at different times, though awardees will only be selected from admitted students meeting the eligibility requirements.

I’ve already been admitted to a different major at UWM. Can I change majors and apply for this scholarship?

Yes, you may change your major. New freshmen and transfer students may contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to request a change of major. Continuing students should contact the academic advisor of their desired program to discuss changing majors.

I’ve also been awarded another scholarship(s). Will I get both?

You can receive multiple scholarships as long as your total aid package is not greater than your cost of attendance.

Am I required to complete the FAFSA to be eligible for this award?

Yes, you must submit a completed FAFSA by the application submission deadline. Be sure to add UWM as a recipient before you submit.

Students not eligible for federal financial aid can complete the Non-FAFSA Need Worksheet (PDF) and upload it to the Panther Scholarship Portal General Application.

Do I have to mention this scholarship when I complete the UWM application for admission?

No. You must first apply for admission and be accepted to UWM. Once you submit the Froedtert Memorial Hospital Scholarship application, you will be considered for the scholarship if you satisfy the eligibility criteria. To access the application:

  1. Log into the Panther Scholarship Portal using your ePantherID.
  2. Complete the General Application. This makes you eligible for all scholarships at UWM.
  3. Search for “Froedtert Memorial Hospital Scholarship.” The application opens for submissions on October 1 each year.
  4. Complete and submit your scholarship application.

Where can I learn about other scholarships?

We encourage all students, including international students, to complete the Panther Scholarship Portal General Application. From there, students can identify additional scholarships of interest they wish to consider. Additional information is available at

What if I’m not eligible for federal financial aid?

Students not eligible for federal financial aid can complete the Non-FAFSA Need Worksheet (PDF) and upload it to the Panther Scholarship Portal General Application.