If you are transferring to UWM from another school, Welcome! We are so happy you chose to join the Panther Family. Here are some things we think you might find helpful.

  • Financial aid is school-specific. Your financial aid at one school will not always be the same at another.
  • Your FAFSA and eligibility will be reevaluated by UWM.
  • You must be admitted to UWM before your financial aid eligibility can be determined.
  • If UW-Milwaukee was included on your original FAFSA, contact our office to let us know you were accepted and plan to attend UWM.
  • You must add our school code if you didn’t include us originally. Do this by correcting your FAFSA. Our school code is 003896.
  • Financial aid received at other institutions will count toward your yearly and aggregate limits. Learn more about those limits here.
  • You are not able to receive financial aid for the same or overlapping term at two different institutions. Make sure to cancel any pending financial aid at your previous institution. Until we can confirm your aid has been canceled, we will not be able to disburse any aid for attendance at UWM.
    • Contact us if you plan to transfer to another university during an academic year. You will want us to cancel aid offered to attend UWM, so it may be offered by a new school.