The results of your FAFSA are referred to as a Student Aid Report or SAR through 2023-24. Beginning with the 2024-25 year, this will be called a FAFSA Submission Summary or FSS. You can access the results on or follow the steps in the e-mail. The results are usually available within 3-10 days of filing the online FAFSA. Due to major changes being implemented for the 2024-25 year, processing has been delayed until at least mid-March, regardless of when you submitted the FAFSA.

  • If your FAFSA information is incomplete or needs corrections, log in to, and select “Make Corrections.” Not all corrections are acceptable. Contact the Student Financial Service Center before changing:
    • Household size
    • Asset Information
    • Marital Status
  • You will receive a new Summary anytime corrections are made
  • Additional information may be required. Check your email and PAWS account for requests or items on your ‘To Do’ list
  • If no additional information is needed, you can typically expect to be notified of your financial aid eligibility via e-mail in 3-4 weeks. Due to processing delays, the earliest financial aid offers will be available is most likely mid-April.
  • What Happens After Your FAFSA Form is Processed?