Virtual Services Only July 15-19
SFS is closed to in-person services July 15-19 due to the Republican National Convention occurring in Milwaukee. During this time, we are offering virtual/online services Mon-Thurs: 9am-4pm; Friday: 9am-3pm. We re-open for in-person services on July 22.

Financial Aid Pro Tips: Turning in Paperwork

We do our best to to process all paperwork we get as soon as possible. Now that we’re working on both 2017-18 financial aid AND 2018-19 financial aid, we get stacks of paperwork a day. However, what makes our processing time frame take the longest is sorting through and following up on the incorrect paperwork we receive. Find some tips below that we think can help you stay out of our “follow up” pile and get an award sooner.

#1: Make sure you sign the forms!

Most of our forms require handwritten signatures, and most of the incorrect forms we get are only incorrect because there is no signature. We love getting the information we need, we hate not being able to use it because you just forgot to sign.

#2: Read the entire form first.

When designing our forms, we do our best to include as much instruction as we can (without making the forms 10 pages long.) More often than not, you’ll find instructions for filling out the form just by reading it entirely.

#3: Turn everything in together.

We can’t start to process your file until we have everything we need. If you turn in partial documentation, we will ask that you take it back until you can turn everything in together. Review your To-Do list (and your forms) to make sure you are turning in all the required components at once.

#4: Click for details.

When an item is listed on your to-do list, you can click on it for additional details. Those details will give you a short description of the item, instructions for completing the item, and in some cases, a direct link to the exact form you need. These details should give you exactly what you need to do, and how to do it.

#5: Ask if you’re unsure.

We would rather help you do everything correctly the first time, than help you fix everything later. Send us your questions anytime by contacting us here:

You can also get in touch with us during business hours by calling or stopping by. Find all those details here:

Behind the Scenes:

Our current “follow up” pile. This is just the incorrect paperwork we’ve received in the last two weeks.