Mishiikenh (Vernon) Altiman

Elder in Residence

Boozhoo! Mishiikenh indigo miiniwaa Mishiikenh indodem, inga dash gaa gaagige Maa’mii-Anishinaabe endow miiniwaa Mite’wewiyaan dash bwaanag-gaasnaabagweniimiyaan. Bkejwanong gadaanakiiyaad anishinaabe indonji wedi Zhaaganaashiiwaakiing.

Greetings! I am known to the spirits as Turtle, and I am Turtle Clan, I am also Miami-Anishinaabe forever and a member of the Grand Medicine Society as well as a Sundancer in the Lakota Tradition. My origins come from Canada at the Walpole Island Anishinaabe Unceded Territory.

I am the primary contact for the healing and cultural teaching that takes place at the Fire Circle at UWM. I’d most recently worked at the University of Wisconsin Platteville teaching ‘The Native American Experience’ and co-facilitated a research course with Professor Evan Larson entitled ‘People, Fire and Pines of the Great Lakes Region’. I was also a University Fellow sharing cultural expertise with students, staff, and faculty. I am here at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee to provide the same responsibilities in facilitating cultural activities, providing Elder counseling services, and assisting with traditional Indigenous research practices.

Ahaaw sa, mii ewe sago miigwech aapiji animichigeyaan;
Okay then, thanks very much for reading that’s it for now.


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