DAC Submajor

The Digital Arts and Culture program is a submajor under the Committee Interdisciplinary Major umbrella. It provides the opportunity for students to explore practices of and scholarship on digital systems, network culture, and media industries with an interdisciplinary lens. The program, although sharing the interdisciplinary character of the certificate, will be more tightly focused, adding a Digital Composition requirement of foundational-level digital practice courses, and a Digital Engagement Capstone Requirement.

Five categories of courses define the themes of the major:

  • Core Culture, introducing students to essential cultural and historical dimensions of Digital Art and network practices;
  • Media Systems, providing an overview of media industries;
  • Digital Composition, building on the foundations of the 100 level core culture courses, encompassing courses that set out competencies in composing with concepts and tools of digital media for students to achieve;
  • Understanding Digital Culture, engaging at the upper levels to analyze more complex systems and issues; and
  • Practicing the Digital Arts, also engaging at the upper levels, as a means of gaining practical experience organizing and collaborating in media production processes.

Three courses from these categories are required and provide a cohesive introductory and capstone experiences for students:

  • Art 118 – Digital Arts: Culture, Theory, and Practice;
  • JAMS 113 – Internet Culture; and
  • DAC 661- Digital Engagement Seminar Capstone.

Student internships (DAC 289 or 489) will be strongly encouraged. Students also will be encouraged to participate in and present at various DAC-related events, such as the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium, annual Center for 21st Century Studies conferences, and to contribute to ongoing research projects cultivated by the UWM Libraries Digital Humanities Lab.