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The scholarship process for all undergraduates and all scholarships (both major specific ones and all general scholarships) begins with UWM’s Panther Scholarship Portal.

How and when to apply:

  1. Log into the portal and your general application. If you previously filled this out, your answers carry over from year-to-year so that you just need to update it. This must be done a minimum of once per school year but we recommend doing this twice a year in November and February.
  2. In the portal, complete the Letters & Science scholarship application which consists of just one question - upload a copy of your transcript (also recommended to be done in November and February).

    Completing steps 1 and 2 will match you to most scholarships based on the information you enter.
  3. You may see scholarships on your Panther Scholarship Portal dashboard that you can “Apply To.” These are scholarships which require additional information beyond steps 1 and 2. Complete any of these you wish to apply for.

The Panther Scholarship Portal can also be used to find non-UWM (private) scholarships that have registered with UWM. These may be scholarships sponsored by local or national organizations, fraternal clubs or other companies outside of UWM.

There are no DAC specific scholarships available but majors are eligible for considered for scholarships for students majoring in any subject in the College of Letters & Science. Therefore, majors should still complete steps 1 and 2 described on this web page.