SSTPI – Student Success & Talent Pipeline Initiative


SSTPI Sites and Positions:

Students are placed at internship sites based on their interest, availability, and skill set. The list below represents a sample of organizations and jobs. Click on the logos below to view available positions. You can also view a list of all available positions affiliated with area of study by clicking here.


The Student Success and Talent Pipeline Initiative (SSTPI) will provide part-time paid internship opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds. The wages of these positions range between $15.00-$21.00 per hour and are supplemented by a grant provided by the Department of Workforce Development (DWD). This initiative provides students with early career experiences that develop an array of professional and personal skills necessary for post-graduation success in the Milwaukee area.

Students must submit an application to be eligible for the program and view the Information Session Recording here. Students who complete these items are assessed on their readiness to serve as an intern. Based on this assessment, prospective interns will have two lanes of participation.

  • First Lane Experience — Students who are ready for an internship experience are eligible for positions at the program employer partners. Students work 10-15 hours per week and earn $15.00-$21.00 per hour.

  • Second Lane Experience — Students engage in a series of pre-internship experiences that focus on professional preparation, such as workshops and regular meetings with program employer corporate partners.

Students have a mentor at their internship site, are supported through a campus success coach, and also take a 1-credit course that covers topics such as career discernment and reflection, technical and soft skill development, professional writing, civic identity, as well as additional topics.

Resources for Students

For more information please contact Jaclyn Stoczanyn at

This is a joint initiative between the partners listed below.   Click on the logos to learn more.


SSTPI Disclaimer

Students participating in the SSTPI program are required to complete a Criminal Background Check forboth UW-Milwaukee and their internship site.
Either organization has the right to deny a student employment based on criminal background check results. Should a student be denied due to their criminal background check, the Office of Student Experience and Talent will attempt to provide support as the student seeks alternative opportunities.