The CCBLLR serves community engaged faculty and departments through various programs and services. If you need assistance with service-learning, please visit the service learning page for resources and to learn about the support CCBLLR can offer to you and your students with course designation, community placements, and tracking.

Additionally, the Community Engaged Scholars Network (CESN) serves faculty, researchers, and teaching staff that are committed to campus-community partnerships, community-based research, service-learning, and other forms of public scholarship and engagement. The network will serve as a forum for information sharing regarding funding opportunities, colleague and community collaboration, recognition events, conference RFPs, and other pertinent items for members of the UWM community who play a key role in helping the institution fulfill its civic mission. The CESN will provide electronic and face-to-face information to its members.

This initiative is co-sponsored by the Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research, the Urban Studies Programs, and the Cultures and Communities Program at UWM.

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Electronic Information

The CESN Listserv is operated by the Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research. Announcements will be sent monthly to the list from information collected by the Center from on- and off-campus partners. Those on the list will be sent the following types of information:

  • Calls for proposals and conference announcements
  • Funding opportunity announcements
  • UWM events aimed at connecting members with other members of the network
  • Networking events that will be held for members each semester
  • Community agency requests when a specific need arises
  • UWM assessment data related to civic engagement and public scholarship

Face-to-Face Gatherings

Each semester members of the CESN will be invited to a networking or outreach event where they can:

  • Meet fellow faculty from other academic departments who are working on similar community issues and research
  • Meet non-profit partners who are engaged in issues which members of the CESN are interested
  • Engage in faculty reading groups that focus on foundational texts and new, innovative work and research in the public scholarship arena
  • Learn about emerging trends and scholarship in the field

Resources for Engaged Scholars

Upcoming CESN Events