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January 2024

Black men unite to address Milwaukee’s negative statistics
–Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


January 2023

Sherman Park residents feel ‘left behind’ with DPW’s reckless driving mitigation projects

Higher Minimum Wage Reduces Child Poverty?
–Urban Milwaukee


October 2022

Can organized labor win back Wisconsin?
–The New Yorker

Redress Movement aims to repair damage caused by decades of racism, discrimination in Milwaukee
–Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

July 2022

Should Milwaukee’s Population Hit a Million? Our New Mayor Thinks So
-Milwaukee Mag

A city divided: Grad students map Milwaukee’s “Opportunity Index”
-In Focus Magazine

June 2022

Should Milwaukee’s Population Hit a Million? Our New Mayor Thinks So
-Milwaukee Mag

A city divided: Grad students map Milwaukee’s “Opportunity Index”
-In Focus Magazine

June 2022

Milwaukee rental households deal with rising rent costs
-Wisconsin Public Radio

May 2022

Why rent prices are rising in Milwaukee

April 2022

Constitutional rights jeopardized by Wisconsin’s public defender shortage
–TMJ4 Milwaukee

Mob killing of Charlie Young Jr. hits close to home for David Crowley
–Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Rent prices rise as inflation hits 8.5% – what this means for Milwaukee
–TMJ4 Milwaukee

March 2022

Midwestern community colleges work to lure, and keep, students struggling with poverty
–Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

‘You can’t legislate morality’: Nearly 60 years after Milwaukee’s first stab at fair housing legislation, the city struggles to enforce it
–Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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February 2022

New Milwaukee rideshare program helps connect workers with jobs
–TMJ4 Milwaukee

New ‘Last Mile’ Solution Will Connect Suburban Employers, City Residents
–Urban Milwaukee


December 2021

MATC broadens access for Milwaukee students
–TMJ4 Milwaukee

Our Issues Milwaukee: Conversations on Race
–CW18 Milwaukee

Report: “Plumbing poverty” in Milwaukee
–Wisconsin Public Radio

September 2021

Project to test on-demand microtransit service wins NSF award.
–National Science Foundation

Milwaukee group calls for millions in dollars and policy changes to add more affordable housing and reduce racial homeowner gap
–Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Tom Barrett is a nice guy, but it was time for him to move on. Milwaukee needs a tough change agent
–Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

August 2021

Wisconsin cities look to basic income to close racial, other wealth gaps
–Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service

One year after the shooting of Jacob Blake, Kenosha tries to find a way forward without forgetting the past
–Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

‘X’ Marks the Spot: Officials Map a Route Out of the Pandemic
–New York Times

Milwaukee Needed This Win
–New York Times

Wisconsinites push for minimum wage increase
–FOX6 Milwaukee

July 2021

Pandemic Recovery Funding in Milwaukee
–PBS Wisconsin

Milwaukee’s Pandemic Aid Plan Seeks to Address Persistent Urban Woes
–PBS Wisconsin

Raising Wisconsin’s minimum wage would significantly cut poverty. So why is it still $7.25?
–Wausau Pilot & Review

Nearly 50 Years Ago, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Called For An End To Institutional Racism In Milwaukee. Little Has Changed.
–Wisconsin Public Radio

June 2021

Homeownership Gap For People Of Color In Wisconsin Is Wide; Communities, Nonprofits Try To Close It
–Wisconsin Public Radio

March 2021

‘We need diversity’: Limited affordable rental housing in Milwaukee’s suburbs limits who can live there
–JS Online

January 2021

Wauwatosa committing to making city more welcoming to African Americans

Racial Equity assessments look to establish a better Milwaukee

Martin Luther King Jr.’s call to reduce income inequality is echoed in Joe Biden’s $15-an-hour minimum wage proposal
–JS Online


December 2020

Reckoning with Historical Racism: How Systemic Change Calls for a Deeper Look
–Nonprofit Quarterly

Milwaukee, la Birmingham du XXIe siècle
–Radio Canada

November 2020

Community and Economic Development Committee
-City of Milwaukee

The State of Black America
-Milwaukee Urban League (YouTube)

Milwaukee making strides to improve African American quality of life after damning study

In Key Cities, Activists Are Mobilizing Black Voters Biden Isn’t
-The Nation

October 2020

The 2020 Battleground States: Updates on the Swing Voters (This article requires a subscription.)
-New York Times

After the Shooting of Jacob Blake, Kenosha Struggles to Rebound
-The Progressive

What Happened To Milwaukee’s Black Middle Class?

Indicators show Milwaukee is worst city in America for Blacks. Panelists discuss solutions.

$6.5 million aid proposal will improve Milwaukee homeownership. But those efforts need to go beyond 2021.
-JS Online

In Milwaukee, Capitalism Fails Black Communities, Again
-LA Progressive

September 2020

What Happened to Milwaukee’s Black Middle Class?
-The American Prospect

A Blake Shooting Amplifies What Kenosha’s Black Residents Have Long Known: Inequality Is Alive and Well
-Up North News

A Black man shot in the back, a teenage shooting suspect, a city in flames: The week that shook Kenosha and the country

Efforts to Channel Protests Into More Votes Face Challenges in Kenosha
-NY Times

Residents Of Kenosha, Wis., Say Racism Runs Deep In Their Community

Kenosha Unrest, Milwaukee Art Museum Employees Unionizing

Milwaukee spends 46% of its general fund on police. How does that compare to other cities?
-Journal-Sentinel Online

Kenosha Protests, Violence Expose Racial Disparities Among The Worst In The Country

August 2020

‘People are kind of disgusted’: Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s battle for black voters
-Sydney Morning Herald

Final Levine Report
-Milwaukee Community Journal

Milwaukee: “The Epitome of a 21st Century Racial Regime”
-NY Public Radio

Jacob Blake Shooting: What Happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin?
-Wall Street Journal

What’s It Like To Be Black In Wisconsin? New Study Says Not So Great

Race Bridge: Exploring Racial Disparity in Wealth Creation
This Race Bridge conversation explores the racial disparities in wealth creation and how education, home ownership, entrepreneurship, employment and more play into these historical divides.

PANELISTS: Pamela Bell, Self-Help Credit Union; Yaidi Cancel Martinez, UWM – Center for Economic Development; James Bell, Northwestern Mutual; Tarik Moody, 88Nine RadioMilwaukee
-Fuel Milwaukee on YouTube

As National Spotlight Shines on Milwaukee, Its History of Systemic Racism Should Be Front and Center
-ACLU Wisconsin

Convention History, The State Of Black Milwaukee, Arts In A Pandemic

Black Milwaukeeans Are Generally Worse Off Today Than 50 Years Ago, UWM Study Finds

Report: Metro Milwaukee’s Black Students Are The Most Hypersegregated In The Nation

Marc Levine on the State of Black Milwaukee
– PBS Wisconsin

Study ranks Milwaukee worst for African-American well-being
– Philanthropy News Digest

Recent study outlines grim reality for African-Americans in Milwaukee
– City of Milwaukee

Economists Warn Of Devastating Effects As Hundreds Of Thousands In Wisconsin Face Prospect Of Less Aid
– Wisconsin Public Radio

July 2020

A ‘Moral Obligation’: Milwaukee Pushes to End Hyper Segregation in Schools

June 2020

Libraries Spotlight on UWM COVID-19 Research

April 2020

Noon Wednesday: Milwaukee’s Coronavirus Racial Divide

UWM report finds ‘disturbing patterns,’ links to racial inequality and segregation in the spread of COVID-19 in Milwaukee

February 2020

Residents in Wisconsin Still Waiting for President Trump’s ‘Blue-Collar Boom’

January 2020

Think universities are making lots of money from inventions? Think again


November 2019
People of color are underrepresented in Milwaukee’s creative workforce. Greater Together wants to help.

Initiative launches to increase percentage of minorities in Milwaukee creative industry

Milwaukee area creatives call on employers to hire 1,600 minority employees by 2030

Are Street Cars a Good Use of Transit Dollars? A Look at The Hop After One Year in Milwaukee

October 2019
Inside the “Most Incarcerated” Zip Code in the Country

September 2019
Is Milwaukee’s 53206 ZIP code really tops in incarceration rates??

Beer made Milwaukee famous. Can water quality keep the legacy alive?

June 2019
Innovation, at Universities and in Industry

The Campus Innovation Myth

March 2019
What Happens When Milwaukee 53206 Residents Can’t Go Where The Jobs Are

New Analysis Shows Challenges Milwaukee Faces

Hillary Clinton Is Still Deeply Confused About What Happened in Wisconsin. Here’s Why That Matters.

Where to now with Foxconn? It won’t leave Wisconsin, but it won’t build what it promised

‘An enduring ecosystem of disadvantage:’ New report takes comprehensive, distressing look at Milwaukee’s 53206

Report Highlights Major Economic Disparities In Milwaukee’s 53206

February 2019
Journey to the Midwest: Stories and characters from “Middle America”, where we start to think about the presidential elections of 2020 – Third stage – Emiliano Bos’s report

January 2019
The Latest: Local Wisconsin officials reassured by Foxconn

Foxconn factory jobs touted by Trump will not come to pass

JobLines bus service continues, temporarily, with Milwaukee County funding


November 2018
Enough With All the Innovation

November 2018
Milwaukee County Struggles to Save ‘JobLines’ Used By Hundreds Daily

November 2018
Milwaukee County Job Lines bus service to Menomonee Falls in proposed 2019 budget

October 2018
Suburban Milwaukee bus route set to end, riders worry about job transportation

September 2018
How Wisconsin is trying to head off a major worker shortage

May 2018
Is Wisconsin a cautionary tale for unions?

April 2018
The limits of progress: Still separate and unequal after five decades of civil rights backlash

April 2018
Want to restrict immigration? To fill jobs, Wisconsin may need more immigrants, not fewer

April 2018
MLK anniversary: What’s changed in America’s most segregated city?

February 2018
Can where you grow up play a strong role in how much money you make as an adult?


December 2017
Extraordinary building boom is reshaping Milwaukee’s skyline

September 2017
In Milwaukee, an effort to link inner-city workers with jobs outside the city

July 2017
Foxconn coming to Kenosha or Racine

July 2017
Foxconn’s Wisconsin factory comes with a $3 billion catch

July 2017
Video: UW-Milwaukee economist questions Foxconn deal

March 2017
Why some people live where they do, in segregated Metropolitan Milwaukee

March 2017
Measuring black/white segregation in Metro Milwaukee

March 2017
Data Draws Link Between Metro Milwaukee’s Segregation and Poverty


December 2016
The struggle for a fair and prosperous Milwaukee

November 2016
More than downtown development needed—Urban Milwaukee

October 2016
Milwaukee’s inner city jobs puzzle—BizTimes

October 2016
City residents hiring program falls short—Urban Milwaukee

October 2016
USA, les noirs dans le viseur de la police

September 2016
300+ strong amplifies black voices—Urban Milwaukee

August 2016
Gaps in the ‘skills gap’ debate over Wisconsin jobs

August 2016
Derrick Z. Jackson: Milwaukee’s invisible racial cage

August 2016
By many measures, Milwaukee is toughest U.S. city for blacks

August 2016
Milwaukee: America’s most segregated city

August 2016
Milwaukee riots fed by decades of African American economic insecurity

August 2016
Milwaukee neighborhoods slid after factory jobs vanished

August 2016
Affluent and black, and still trapped by segregation

August 2016
After decades of segregation, anger boils over in Milwaukee

August 2016
These stats show why Milwaukee was primed to explode

August 2016
Milwaukee’s staggering black-white economic divide

August 2016
Racial violence in Milwaukee was decades in the making, residents say

June 2016
Aldermen unveil anti-violence initiative—Urban Milwaukee

April 2016
Wisconsin heads to the polls a state divided—MarketPlace


December 2015
The worst place in the U.S. to be black is…Wisconsin—Dollars&Sense

December 2015
Segregation: Milwaukee’s tale of two cities—CBS58

December 2015
CEO pay drives inequality, researcher finds—Urban Milwaukee

November 2015
UWM researcher says CEO pay is ‘motoring inequality’ in Milwaukee—MilwaukeeNNS

November 2015
UW-Milwaukee hosts experts discussion of city’s growing equality—Urban Milwaukee

October 2015
Black leaders say joblessness among black men is rooted in racism—Urban Milwaukee

September 2015
Chief Flynn calls for tougher gun laws—Urban Milwaukee

June 2015
Manufacturing consent: Chicago’s oldest steel mill will soon be demolished. What will replace it when it’s gone?—BELT Magazine

May 2015
The failure of economic development in Baltimore – and Milwaukee–and-milwaukee-b99504153z1-304738911.html/

May 2015
A response to Marc V.Levine…–Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

April 2015
Predicting Wisconsin’s economic future—Urban Milwaukee

February 2015
Will streetcar help the inner city?—Urban Milwaukee

February 2015
The Milwaukee streetcar is still happening—NextCity

January 2015
Milwaukee leaders hop tot make city a global water technology leader—The Confluence

January 2015
Milwaukee’s miraculous water hub—Urban Milwaukee


December 2014
Luxury versus necessities—Urban Milwaukee

November 2014
Low wage jobs are on the rise—Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Experts

July 2014
Is Walker to blame for poor job growth?—Urban Milwaukee

May 2014
Walker jobs promise appears out of reach—WISN12

February 2014
Will water technology transform the city?—Urban Milwaukee


December 2013
The skills gap: Is it real or isn’t it?—Wisconsin Manufacturing

October 2013
Planning and a pint series takes on bradly center debate—Urban Milwaukee

September 2013
BBC deplores Wisconsin’s black imprisonment rate—Urban Milwaukee

August 2013
The false promise of entrepreneurial university—York Neoliberalism

August 2013
Mind the gap—Milwaukee Magazine

July 2013
The myth of the welders shortage—Urban Milwaukee

June 2013
Does Wisconsin really have a “skills gap”?—Urban Milwaukee

March 2013
The world according to Time Sullivan—Urban Milwaukee

February 2013
UWM professor: Wisconsin skills gap a ‘myth’—Milwaukee Business Journal


October 2012
The $74 million gamble—Urban Milwaukee

January 2012
UWM report looks at unemployment stats for black males—Fox6NOW


October 2011
Cuts in transit could add to poverty levels in Milwaukee—Milwaukee Courier

September 2011
Transit cuts put jobs out of reach of workers without cars report—1000 Friends of Wisconsin

March 2011
Milwaukee named “most segregated”—On Milwaukee

February 2011
Building a better Racine—The Journal Times


October 2010
Study shows Milwaukee unemployment for black men at record high—The Badger Herald

March 2010
Struggling university students take on ‘Dr. Pepper Spray’ in Milwaukee—In These Times

Milwaukee Summit—Video


February 2008
Prof. Levine presents bleak job market—Urban Milwaukee


August 2007
Milwaukee ranks high among cities in poverty rate—Pioneer Press

Tales of three cities—Seattle Report

Milwaukee Summit—Video