Meet More Fellows

The Economic Development Fellows Program (ED) is a two-year fellowship opportunity that combines work in a community-based organization or government agency with graduate level study at UWM.

John Hennessy, MS Urban Planning Program

“I have always been fascinated by the ways cities evolve and change over time. I am particularly interested in urban revitalization. I believe well thought out and inclusive development and redevelopment can be a kinetic force to advance local economic, environmental and social goals. I choose to to apply for the Economic Development Fellows Program, after being accepted into the Master of Urban Planning Program at UWM, because of the unique opportunity to build professional connections in the Milwaukee area while going to school. I work for CommonBond Communities as their Partnership Coordinator. This position provides me with a great opportunity to improve the lives of individuals, families and children who lack access to resources.”

Sally Svetic, MS Urban Studies Program

The MIED fellowship has provided me the optimal conditions to achieve my goal of a Master’s Degree. While my time spent in Public Allies gave me the professional skills needed to succeed in a professional workplace, the MIED fellowship has allowed me to pair those skills with an opportunity to work in an environment where I can see myself spending my career.”

Cortney Dunklin, MS Urban Studies Program

“Being a MIED Fellow at UWM has been a great experience. With one of my undergraduate degrees being in Urban Planning, I have wanted to work in municipal government for years and my placement at the City of Milwaukee has been educational. As a Fellow I have been able to improve my community outreach skills, contribute to a grant that improves Milwaukee neighborhoods, work very closely with experienced City of Milwaukee officials, and learn more about the history of Milwaukee and the inner working of city government.”