Women have diverse and unique experiences in their career development. Some experiences are challenges, like having access to equal pay for equal work, paid leave, and biases of women working in certain career paths. Other experiences can relate to the multiple roles that women fill as partners and mothers, and make it important for women to understand their rights when in regard to pregnancy, paid leave, and breast feeding in the work place. Please look at the links and PDFs for a few resources to help women navigate some of the concerns they may experience.

Challenges women experience:

There are many challenges women experience throughout their career development. The CPaRC can provide walk-in counseling for experiences such as:

  • Concerns about your gender being underrepresented in your major or future career
  • Questioning where to find female mentorship on campus
  • Experiencing gender bias in your major or intended career field
  • Understanding salary negotiation and breaking the glass ceiling
  • Needing connection to valuable internship experiences as a future professional

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