UWM Graduate Outcomes Survey Data Dashboard

Graduate Outcomes Survey Data

Survey Information

The UWM Career Planning & Resource Center (CPaRC) conducts a survey of all recent graduates each December and May to assess their post-graduation plans.

➤What did UWM graduates do: What types of experiences did they have during their education?

➤What are UWM graduates doing: Are they working, continuing their education, or volunteering?

Survey Results

Note: The survey is open for six months; however, the majority of responses are captured within two weeks before graduation to two weeks after graduation. Due to a lack of resources, follow-up for direct information at the six months post-graduation point is not completed, therefore, “still looking” rates are inflated.

Past Graduate Outcomes

Data Usage

 The data allows us to identify new graduates, alert them to prospective job opportunities, and offer assistance with resume writing, interviewing, and salary negotiation.

 Many areas of the University use the data for reasons ranging from reporting for national ranking surveys to accreditation and certification.

 Current students use the data to learn about career opportunities, employers hiring in their major, and salary trends.

 Prospective students and families use the data to determine the value of a UWM degree and making a decision to attend UWM.

 The data guides employers in determining initial salary offers to UWM graduate.

 The university can analyze UWM data as it compares to national data regarding graduate outcomes.