Common Questions & Strategies

With an infinite number of possible interview questions, it is impossible to practice for them all. So what should you do? These five strategies help you effectively prepare for almost any question you’ll encounter.

  1. Don’t wait to find out what the questions will be.
  2. Many questions will provide chances for you to share information you gather in advance.
  3. Review common questions.
  4. Focus on understanding the types of questions and strategies to use in answering each type.
  5. Review examples of specific questions.
  6. Start your online search with; “interview questions for….___________________” then add one or more of these: the field, type of position, or organization

Practice out loud.  You don’t want to memorize answers but you also don’t want to struggle or ramble at interviews. Use CPaRC’s online mock interview resource, watch for mock interview events or set up a mock interview with a CPaRC staff.