Research Majors & Careers

Research Majors & Careers

Research Online



• Review UWM Majors and department websites
• Google “What Can I Do with a Major in ___”
• Read career descriptions: ONET, OOH, CareerWise
• Look at job postings for careers you’re considering: Indeed

Speak With Others



• Meet with an Advisor about the major’s requirements
• Talk with professionals in careers of interest: Informational Interviewing
• Attend Career Fairs to talk with employers about majors/careers

Get Hands-on Experience



• Join a Student Organization related to the major/career
• Volunteer in a career related setting: United Way, UWM CCBLLR
• Find a part-time job/internship to explore careers: Handshake, Indeed

We’re Here For You!

Career Advising Appts
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Request Appointment

Drop-In Career Advising
Visit our office or call:
Monday: 1pm-4pm
Wednesday: 12pm-3pm
Thursday: 10am-1pm
NOTE: Thursday, November 11th Drop-In Advising will only be available from 10-11:15am

Office Hours
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