How to Support Your Student

One of the best ways to explore to the talk to people. Help your student find their purpose by offering them a sounding board to bounce ideas off of and offer opportunities for them to explore. Use these questions to guide your conversations.


  • Am I allowing my son/daughter the freedom to have new experiences?The Spring Commencement Black Ceremony held in the morning at the U.S. Cellular Arena.
  • Do I encourage the exploration of new ideas, experiences and occupations without being pushy?
  • Am I willing to support ideas and values which are different from my own?
  • Am I positive and supportive when my son/daughter makes a poor decision or fails?


  • Do I talk openly and honestly about my current job, including pros and cons?
  • Do I take the time to discuss various occupations with my son/daughter?
  • Do I encourage my son/daughter to research and explore careers of interest, referring him/her to appropriate resources?

Personal Insights

  • Do I help my son/daughter to objectively look at his/her strengths and weaknesses and suggest how they might relate to various careers?
  • Do I discuss the challenges, victories, and lessons from my own career development history?
  • Do I help my son/daughter to identify careers for which he/she would be well-suited?


  • Am I willing to refer my son/daughter to friends and acquaintances who might discuss their occupations with
  • Am I willing to actively help my son/daughter find an internship or summer/part-time/volunteer job that will help him/her explore a potential career field?


  • Am I willing to assist my son/daughter in setting reasonable goals, and to keep him/her accountable for meeting these goals?
  • Do I ask questions that will encourage my son/daughter’s further career information seeking?

(Checklist adapted by Lenz and O’Neal, Florida State University)