Hire A Panther – On Campus

Hire A Panther – On Campus

The Career Planning and Resource Center is dedicated to developing and preparing students in order to ensure academic success and career readiness. Employers are a significant part of empowering and teaching students. It is our hope that on-campus employers will provide student employees with support, open communication, and experiential learning opportunities to foster growth.



To hire students, follow the on-campus hiring process:

  1. Post a Job in Handshake
  2. Review application materials
  3. Conduct interviews
  4. Offer position to candidate(s)
  5. Fill out the Hiring Request form with HR at Student Employment
  6. Train student employee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Post an On-Campus Job
  1. Log-in
  2. Go to “Post a Job”
  3. Complete the required information
  4. For job type and employment type, you must select “On-Campus Student Employment” and “Part-Time
  5. At the end select UW-Milwaukee as the school
  6. Select “Create”
  7. After completing your job posting, please allow 24 – 48 hours for administrative approval.

Questions about posting jobs
Contact us at uwm-set-recruiting@uwm.edu.

Tips for Building a Great Job Description
Include a position title – The position title is what attracts the applicant to the job posting and it should accurately reflect the role that is being hired for.

Have an overall purpose statement – This statement summarizes the position, as well as provides insight into the value of the position within the organization

Be specific – Clearly outline the responsibilities of the position by explaining the essential duties.

Tips on Holding Quality Interviews

Before the interview

  • Pre-interview homework: Review application materials prior to the interview to help guide the interview process

During the interview 

  • Interviewers introduce themselves and their role within the organization
  • Briefly summarize the responsibilities of the position
  • Start with a simple introductory question
  • Develop questions specifically related to position description
  • Make some questions open-ended
  • Allow for questions after the interview
  • Provide the candidate with the next steps and contact information
UWM Student Employee Learning Outcomes
Learning outcomes are a significant part of student employment. Through learning outcomes, students are able to develop interpersonal, practical and transferable skills. Maintaining these outcomes for each student employee can enrich their overall collegiate experience and provide career readiness.

Effective learning outcomes:

  • Are student-centered
  • Focus on learning resulting from an activity rather than the activity itself
  • Reflect the institution’s mission and the values it represents
  • Align at the course/program, academic program/department, divisional, and institutional levels

Adapted from StudentVoice Webinar, Writing Effective Learning Outcomes, Spring 2011. Originally cited from Huba & Freed (2000).

Effective learning outcomes should align with the departmental, division, and university objectives, goals, and mission. They should always connect back to the big picture.

The ABCs of a Learning Outcome

  • Audience (A) Who does the outcome pertain to?
  • Behavior (B) What do you expect the audience to know/be able to do?
  • Condition (C) Under what conditions or circumstances will the learning occur?

Examples of learning outcomes include:

  • (Students) (will be able to recall) at least (5 of the 7 elements of the Social Change Model).
  • (Students) (will demonstrate increased leadership skills) by (successfully completing a leadership skills inventory, as indicated by a score of at least 80% correct).

Examples of program outcomes include:

  • (The XXX program) will (increase awareness of its programs/services) (by 20%).
  • (The XXX program) will (increase the diversity of its volunteers) (to reflect the diversity at UWM).

*Adapted from the Student Affairs Assessment Team*

UWM Student Employee Manual

Download the UWM Student Employment Manual for more information on student employment processes and guidelines.

Policies and Procedures for Student Employees
Student Employee Clock In/Out Procedures

The UW System Human Resources System (HRS) is used to input time and provide compensation for all UW-Milwaukee employees. In order to access this, visit: https://my.wisconsin.edu/. To clock in or out complete the following instructions.

  1. Select UW-Milwaukee from the drop down box
  2. Sign in with your ePanther ID and password
  3. Select Time and Absence
  4. Select Web Clock
  5. Choose In or Out and submit
New Supervisor Trainings

Supervisor training for navigating Handshake are available upon request.

For more information, contact us at uwm-set-recruiting@uwm.edu.

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