For Students / Alumni


CPaRC offers a variety of services and individual support to students and alumni to assist with major and career decision making, developing marketable skills, identifying internships and part-time/full-time employment, resume writing, interviewing preparation, and more.

Currently appointments with career advisors are being held through Microsoft Teams. Please complete the Request an Appointment Form and a staff member will reach out to you to schedule an initial 30 minute appointment based on your availability. Subsequent appointments may be scheduled for more than 30 minutes.

Don’t stress! Being undecided is very common. Take time to evaluate your interests, values, and skills. Career assessments are helpful tools that can also connect you to possible majors and careers. Also, thoroughly explore and research UWM majors and careers.

It is highly recommended that you meet with a CPaRC career advisor for individualized support on making a decision on a major and career direction.

Look at our Resume Guide to help you create a draft. Then schedule an appointment with one of our career advisors for feedback

The majority of on-campus jobs are posted on Handshake. As a UWM student, all you need to do is sign in with your ePanther ID and password, then filter for on-campus jobs.

Most on-campus jobs will require a resume and some will also ask for a cover letter. If you need assistance with your resume and cover letter, check out our Resume Guide and schedule an appointment with a CPaRC career advisor for feedback.

It’s important to complete at least one internship during your college career to build skills in your desired field. Below are some first steps.  

  • Speak with advisors and faculty in your major to learn about the support they provide for finding an internship and options for doing an internship for class credit. 
  • Watch Handshake regularly for internships posted by employers specifically looking for UWM students.
  • Attend career fairs to speak with employers hiring for internships.
  • Use various keywords to search for internships on Google, Indeed, and LinkedIn.
  • Network! Speak with professionals in your field and current and past students to learn about internship opportunities.
  • Use LinkedIn alumni search. Search for alumni in your field and view their profiles to see internships they held. LinkedIn is also a great way to connect with these individuals for advice

Schedule an appointment with a CPaRC career advisor for more ideas and support with resume writing and interviewing.

Career fairs provide the opportunity to learn about career paths, qualities employers are looking for in candidates, and available internships and jobs. UWM career fairs have local and national employers that desire students and alumni from all academic majors and minors.

Absolutely! Handshake, Big Interview, career fairs, and all our online resources are always available to UWM alumni. If you do not have access to Handshake or Big Interview, please email and we will get you set up!

Career advising sessions are also available to you. The number of sessions depends on the number of years since you graduated. However, if you and the career advisor you are working with feel you may need additional sessions this can be requested with approval from the director.

Number of Years Since Graduation Number of Visits per Year
0 – 1 Years 6
1 – 2 Years 5
2 – 3 Years 4
3 – 4 Years 3
4 – 5 Years 2
5 – 6 Years 1



For Employers


To properly verify new employers, CPaRC takes about 2-3 business days to approve all Handshake account registrations and job postings.

We offer several recruitment options for employers:  

  1. The first step is utilizing Handshake, our online service where employers may post their job listings to be seen directly by our students after administrative approval. This site is available to all UWM current students and alumni.  To learn how to register and make successful job postings please visit:
  2. Tabling Sessions on campus are a free opportunity we offer to employers with approved registrations and at least one job posting on Handshake. To learn more about this opportunity please visit: 
  3. Job and Career Fairs are a great way for on and off campus employers to connect with our diverse student body. These events both help to promote the company and greatly increase their exposure to our students. Employers benefit from having hundreds of talented students present in one area and interested in learning more about a company’s mission and opportunities. To learn more about participating in a Job or Career Fair please visit: 
  4. Our Employer Partner Program offers the most opportunity for employers to connect with our students. This program allows employers to connect with our students through social media promotions, target emails, career/job fair participation, and more.  There are various levels of packages available for employers to choose from to best suite theirs needs.

Employers benefit from attending job and career fairs by increasing their brand’s exposure on campus to a diverse student body. Hundreds of students attend these fairs prepared to learn more about companies; providing employers the ability to get a sense of a student’s talent and professionalism in-person rather than just on paper. This is a great opportunity for filling internship, part-time job, and full-time job positions as all our alumni are welcome at career fairs as well. 

CPaRC has developed a Job Shadow Program compromised of employers volunteering their time for informational interviewing, on-campus interviewing/resume reviewing, and/or on-site shadowing opportunities for students. These programs help to guide students in their career while also increasing a company’s brand presence at UWM. To learn more please visit:


For Family / Friends


Short answer: No. Handshake is designed specifically for UWM students and alumni for them to create their own profiles and apply for on and off-campus jobs. Your student automatically has an account – so we suggest you help guide your student with creating their profile. It’s important for them to take ownership of the process, but you certainly can help them!

As soon as possible! We recommend students visit us at least once every semester, twice would be preferable. Students should come a few weeks before they pick classes for the next semester to make sure they’re on the right track. Even if students do not know exactly what they’re looking for when they come in, career counselors can help gauge where the student is at and guide them towards good career-related activities. When students visit CPaRC early and often, they are setting themselves up to be more marketable, competitive, and confident in their career path.

The UWM Career Planning & Resource Center (CPaRC) conducts a survey of all recent graduates each December and May to assess their post-graduation plans.

Some of the information we gather:

  • What are UWM graduates doing – are they working, continuing their education, volunteering, etc.?
  • Where are UWM graduates going – what employer, college, city, state, and country do they intend for work, study and residency?

View graduation data:

Ultimately you and your student can best answer this question. Each student is unique as far as personality, academic skills, adjusting to change, managing time, etc.

If your student does decide to work during their freshman year, we recommend they consider an on-campus job. There are many benefits to working on-campus including the ease of getting to work, flexible work schedules, and making new UWM friends. Plus, research has shown that students that work on-campus 20 hours a week or less get better grades than those that do not work.

Your student can view and apply for on-campus jobs on Handshake, our employment platform for on and off campus internships and jobs.

We strongly recommend that students seek out multiple opportunities to develop transferable and career specific skills. These opportunities can include internships, part-time jobs, volunteering, undergraduate research, study abroad, leadership programs, and involvement in organizations at UWM and in the community.

A career advisor can help your student identify which opportunities would be most related to their career goals.

We encourage your student to also utilize Handhsake, our employment platform, to explore on and off campus internships and jobs.