Resources for Student Employers

The Career Planning and Resource Center is dedicated to developing and preparing students in order to ensure academic discovery and career success. Employers are a significant part of empowering and teaching students. It is our hope that employers will provide student employees with support, open and effective communication, an appreciation of positive contributions, respect and constant feedback that fosters growth. In order to do that, students must first be successfully hired and trained. The on-campus hiring process includes the following steps:

  1. Review Applications
  2. Interviews
  3. Offer position to candidate
  4. Criminal background check
  5. Hiring paperwork
  6. Train student employee

Resources are available to ensure this process is properly completed. Each department has a Human Resources (HR) representative that can assist in the hiring process. For information on HR representatives in the Division of Student Affairs visit,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do student employees clock in/out?

The UW System Human Resources System (HRS) is used to input time and provide compensation for all UW-Milwaukee employees. In order to access this, visit: To clock in or out complete the following instructions.

  1. Select UW-Milwaukee from the drop down box
  2. Sign in with your ePanther ID and password
  3. Select Time and Absence
  4. Select Web Clock
  5. Choose In or Out and submit 
When can student employees expect to be paid?
What are the policies and procedures for student employees?
  • To learn more about the policies and procedures for a specific department, the employee should contact the HR representative or their direct supervisor.
  • In addition to departmental policies and procedures, the UW-System has workplace expectations and a code of ethics that all employees must adhere to. Visit for more information regarding these policies.