Career Assessments

Career Assessments

Career Assessments Can Help


【1】Clarify who you are and what you want in a career
【2】Connect your interests, values, and skills to possible majors and careers
【3】Expand, narrow, or confirm your major and career options

We Recommend


  ➤ Completing a variety of assessments. One may be more helpful than another.
  ➤ Thoroughly researching careers you are matched with before making decisions.
  ➤ Meeting with a Career Advisor to discuss your results and determine next steps.

Career Assessments



Career Cruising – Available to UWM students/alumni. Contact us to request a required username/password.
MyPlan – Available to UWM students/alumni. Enter license code K2L3RK2Y after creating your account.
ONet Interest Profiler – No specific login needed
CareerZone – No specific login needed

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 Virtually – Career advising sessions are held through phone and video.

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