Mission, Vision, Values


Empower our students and alumni with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to:

• Make sound career and academic decisions
• Prepare for satisfying employment, and
• Develop successful lifelong career plans in an evolving global world of work

To do this, we work directly with students and collaborate with UWM faculty/staff in developing resources and experiences that connect career with academics and student life. We also partner with employers and others to provide students/alumni rewarding opportunities, internships, jobs, and career-related education.



We will be recognized as the central resource that actively engages students in exploring and pursuing meaningful career development, while inspiring the university and its partners to consistently integrate career into their efforts.



We strive to provide high quality, successful, student-centered programs and services.


We are committed to a climate that welcomes and respects individual and group diversity and strives for inclusion and accessibility in all our communications, programs and services.


We embrace creative and innovative ideas for the enhancement of our services and to support our vision.


We encourage an environment that promotes mutual respect and open communication among our staff and are committed to cultivating and maintaining partnerships with students, employers, the academic community, and other University departments.


We display motivation, dedication and excitement in our work due to our strong belief in its importance and passion for its intent and ideal.


We are committed to holding ourselves and employers to high ethical and moral standards. Our actions and decisions shall reflect professionalism, honesty and responsibility.