What Do New UWM Graduates Do? 2017-2018 Survey Results

2017-2018 Survey Results
What Do New UWM Graduates Do?

69% with full time employment, 13% go to military or grad school
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First Destination Survey

$47,975 Average Starting Salary
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What is it?

The UWM Career Planning & Resource Center conducts an annual survey of recent graduates.

We seek to learn information such as:

  • Number of students who are employed, along with the name of their employer, position, and salary.
  • Number of students continuing their education after graduation, where and in what field.
  • Number of students still seeking employment.
  • Number of students finding employment relevant to their area of study at UWM.

Who takes the survey and when?

Surveys are available at the point of graduation for Bachelors, Masters and PhD students. Data is gathered until 6 months post-graduation.

95 % reported their internships and experiential learning supported their academics
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Why It Matters and What We Do With The Information

There are several important reasons to provide this information when it is requested.

  • We can use the information to identify students who may be seeking employment immediately after graduation, and alert them to prospective job opportunities.
  • There are many areas of the University that use this data for reasons ranging from reporting for national ranking surveys to accreditation and certification.
  • This information can be one of many factors that can help students’ research majors for best fit and potential first steps toward career goals.

A full report is available via request to careerplan@uwm.edu. Survey information helps the CPaRC advise current and future students, and evaluate how to improve programs and services. All individual data is held confidential.

Past Survey Results:

UWM Grad survey 2017-2018 infographic

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