New students (freshmen) learn about enrollment when they attend New Student Orientation (NSO). Enrollment for these students is restricted until they have attended NSO.

  1. In October/March, schedule an academic advising appointment with your School of Biomedical Sciences & Health Care Administration (BMSHCA) advisor by calling 414-229-5047 or visiting Cunningham Hall, Room 135.
  2. Prepare for your academic advising appointment by reviewing the academic requirements for your major (found in PAWS), preparing a list of courses you want/need to take, making a list of questions for your advisor, and reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions.
  3. Attend your scheduled academic advising appointment with your advisor and complete an academic planner. Bring a pen and paper or your mobile device to take notes.
  4. Approximately 2-3 weeks before priority enrollment begins (typically by October/March 31st), the Schedule of Classes for the coming semester is published. A link to the schedule is also available in the Records & Registration Info box in PAWS.
  5. Review the Schedule of Classes to learn about when the courses your advisor recommended will occur and what options exist for electives and general education requirements.
  6. Approximately one week before priority enrollment begins (in the second week of November/April), enrollment appointments and enrollment shopping carts are made visible to you in PAWS.
  7. Prior to your enrollment appointment, add to your enrollment shopping cart those courses your advisor recommended on the academic planner.
  8. Priority enrollment (enrollment by appointment) begins in the third week of November/April. After the date and time at which your enrollment appointment is scheduled, you are eligible to enroll in classes. Enrollment capacity in every class is limited, so enroll in classes as close to your enrollment appointment time as possible.
  9. In the first or second week of December/May (approximately 3 weeks after priority enrollment began), open enrollment begins (meaning any student who is eligible is now able to enroll). All students are now able to make changes to their enrollment at any time.

For term specific dates, visit the UWM Enrollment and Financial Services website.

Office of Student Affairs

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