Our mission

The mission of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health is to advance population health, health equity, and social and environmental justice among diverse communities in Milwaukee, the state of Wisconsin, and beyond through education, research, community engagement, and advocacy for health-promoting policies and strategies.

Our values statement

We, the Faculty, Administration, Staff, and Students of the Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health, accept and adopt the core values of the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. We are also committed to carrying out the following values in our individual and collective public health research, teaching, community engagement, and practice:

  • Integrity – We cultivate and sustain trust through transparent, open, and honest communications and decision-making. We uphold standards of public health ethics* in all that we do.
  • Accountability – We hold ourselves and each other responsible to the highest quality, excellence, and measureable impact in our work.
  • Collaboration – We emphasize and support collaborative, interdependent, mutually-respectful engagement and relationships within our school, across our campus, and with our communities.
  • Diversity and Inclusion – We welcome, support, include, encourage, and respect diverse voices, experiences, perspectives, disciplines, and approaches in our work together.
  • Health Equity – We strive to eliminate health inequities through research, teaching,  community engagement, and advocacy.
  • Social and Environmental Justice – We maintain an unwavering commitment to social and environmental justice, focusing our work on the fundamental, underlying requirements for healthy communities by addressing individual, structural, and institutional barriers to health.

*For example:  Thomas JC, Sage M, Dillenberg J, Guillory VJ. A code of ethics for public health. Am J Public Health. 2002;92(7):1057–1059 OR  the Public Health Leadership Society’s Public Health Code of Ethics at http://phls.org/home/section/3-26/