My Bill & University Finances

Tuition rates and fees are updated annually. If you have trouble understanding your charges or due dates, contact the Bursar Office right away.

Current Tuition Rates & Fees
The Bursar Office publishes tuition rates by term. Anyone taking classes on campus also pays Mandatory/Segregated Fees, which support on campus facilities and services.

Click here to go to the Bursar Office Tuition Rate Schedules page.

View My Bill
You can view and print your bill directly from PAWS:

  1. Log in to PAWS
  2. Under the yellow Finances header, click the blue View Billing Statement link
  3. Under the Online Billing Statement header, click the Get Billing Statement button to view or print a PDF of your current bill
  4. If you plan to mail your payment to the Cashier’s Office, you need to include this PDF Payment Coupon in the envelope

You can also look up the charges for your previous terms and view your payment history. Just click on the Account Inquiry tab, then the activity sub-tab, and select a term.

If you have trouble with your PAWS account, call the Help Desk at (414) 229-4040.

Due Dates
It’s your responsibility to pay your tuition by the due date, but you’re required to make a minimum payment of at least $100 by the tuition due date to avoid late payment fees. Your unpaid eligible charges after the tuition due date will be assigned to the Installment Payment Plan. The UW FLEX option is not eligible for the Installment Payment Plan.

Regular term tuition due dates are posted in the One Stop Calendar, but for the most accurate due dates specific to your account, check your dates in PAWS:

  1. Log in to PAWS
  2. Under the yellow Finances header, click the blue Account Inquiry link
  3. Click on the charges due sub-tab to review how much of your balance is due and when

If you aren’t sure of your exact due dates or how much you owe on a due date, contact the Bursar Office for assistance.

University Credit Agreement
The University Credit Agreement outlines your financial obligation to UWM. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to read and electronically sign the University Credit Agreement in PAWS before you can enroll in classes.

  1. Log in to PAWS
  2. Under the yellow Finances header, click the blue Credit Agreement link
  3. Click I consent to allow Electronic Signature Consent
  4. Thoroughly review the University Credit Agreement
  5. Enter your Telephone Number and Marital Status, check the box to agree with the Credit Agreement, then click the Submit button
  6. You will see a confirmation that your signed Credit Agreement has been processed
My 1098-T
Your 1098-T form includes the total dollar amount of qualified tuition less remission billed to you in a calendar year. It may help you determine your eligibility for certain education tax credits.

  1. Look for an email from between January 1st – 31st
  2. The email will include a Certificate Number and a link to the verification page
  3. Copy and paste your Certificate Number into the page, verifying your information is correct
  4. The Document Inbox will include the current 1098-T
  5. Previous years will be in the Archived folder
  6. Click the document link to view and print a PDF file

To view or print your previous 1098-T forms any other time throughout the year, go to and request a Certificate.

Making Payments

You can make payments for your tuition, course fees and other charges right in PAWS. Always verify your payments by checking your PAWS Account Summary.

Make an Online Payment
You can make a payment in PAWS with your credit card (MasterCard or American Express), personal checking or savings account number. A 2.5% convenience fee is added to each online credit card transaction. Keep in mind that your payment date is the date of your transaction in PAWS, but it can take several days for the dollars to clear your financial institution.

  1. Log in to PAWS
  2. Under the yellow Finances header, click the blue make a payment link
  3. Review What I Owe and type a dollar amount into the Payment Amount field, then click the NEXT button
  4. Select either Credit Card or Electronic Check from the Pay By drop down menu, then click NEXT
  5. At the Confirm Payment screen, click the CONTINUE TO MAKE PAYMENT button
  6. Enter your credit card or bank account info and verify your billing address, then click Continue
  7. Review your transaction in the Confirm Payment screen, select the box to agree with the Terms and Conditions, then click the Agree & Continue button
  8. Verify your Submit Payment information is correct, then click the SUBMIT button
  9. View the Payment Result page to confirm that you’ve completed the transaction
Mail My Payment
You can mail your payment to the Cashier’s Office in the form of a check, but you must include your Payment Coupon in the envelope. Print your Billing Statement from PAWS to get your Payment Coupon, and write your 9-digit Student ID number on the check.

Standard US Mail:
UW-Milwaukee: Cashier’s Office
PO Box 500
Milwaukee, WI 53201-0500

Overnight Delivery Service:
UW-Milwaukee: Cashier’s Office
Mitchell Hall Room 285
3203 North Downer Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Drop Off My Payment
You can make a payment in person at the Cashier’s Office, Mitchell Hall Room 285, during regular business hours. The Cashier’s Office accepts cash, debit cards, money orders, or checks (personal, Traveler’s, or cashier’s checks), but not credit cards. Payments must be made in US Dollars. You will get a receipt when you pay in person.

Outside of business hours, you can leave your payment in the Drop Box outside of the Cashier’s Office. You should only drop off check payments, not cash, and be sure to include your 9-digit Student ID number on the check. Drop Box payments will post to PAWS the next business day or sooner, but you won’t get a receipt in the mail.

Cashier’s Office Business Hours:
Monday: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Tuesday: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Wednesday: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Thursday: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Friday: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Installment Payment Plan
If you don’t pay your entire balance by the tuition due date, your eligible charges will automatically transfer to the Installment Payment Plan, which splits your payments over time. The UW FLEX option is not eligible for the Installment Payment Plan.

You will still need to make a minimum payment of at least $100 towards your current charges by the tuition due date. PAWS will automatically update with your installment payment due dates once you’re on the Plan.

You will be charged a one-time administrative fee equal to 1% of your total unpaid Plan balance after the “Add Deadline.” If you don’t make your installment payments on time, you could be charged late payment or other fees, have a hold placed on your records, or possibly have your account sent to collections.

The Installment Plan covers one Fall or Spring semester’s worth of eligible room, meal plan charges, and tuition and fee balances. Summer term, UWinteriM, Kenilworth Rent, Study Abroad, and Executive MBA fees can’t be covered in the plan. Contact the Bursar Office if you have questions about the Plan.