Sample Student Organization Charter



The name of this organization shall be “New Group at UWM”.


New Group at UWM” shall encourage students to become involved in UWM student life and recreational activities. The group has three primary goals: (1) to encourage outdoor fun; (2) to provide information, services and support for students seeking adventure; and (3) to encourage learning and growth in leadership.


  1. Eligibility: All UWM students can be members in “New Group at UWM”.  Only student members may vote and hold office. Nonstudents are allowed to participate in “New Group at UWM”, but are restricted to adjunct
  2. Individuals interested in joining “New Group at UWM” need to attend two consecutive regular scheduled meetings to be added to the active roster. “New Group at UWM” does not discriminate in membership selection on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, handicap, age, Vietnam era veteran status, ancestry, political affiliation or belief, creed, arrest or conviction record, or marital status unless the nature of the organization entitles it to an exemption in accordance with applicable laws.
  3. Individuals may be removed from “New Group at UWM” active roster for missing three consecutive regularly scheduled meetings or by violating membership rules as stated in the membership manual. Membership manuals are available from the Membership Coordinator. Removal of membership based on violating membership rules must follow due process and requires a 2/3 vote of the membership, such vote to be taken at a meeting for at least one-week proper notice has been given, and the removal is included on the


  1. Qualifications: All officers must be currently enrolled as UWM students. Students must be a member of “New Group at UWM” one semester to be eligible for
  2. Selection Procedures: “New Group at UWM” shall have a Director, Assistant Director, Membership Coordinator, and Business Manager. Elections for all officers will be in February of each year. Nominations for positions are held at regularly scheduled meetings. Voting for the officers will be done by secret ballot at the next regularly scheduled meeting.  Voting members must be notified of open nominations for officer positions at least one week prior to the meeting at which nominations are taken. Officers elected will assume their positions on April 1st. If an officer position becomes vacant during the year, the remainder of the term can be filled by a qualified “New Group at UWM” member appointed by greater than 50% of the voting members at a regularly scheduled meeting.
  3. Removal: An officer may be removed from office by a 2/3 vote of the membership, such vote to be taken at a meeting for at least one-week proper notice has been given, and the impeachment is included on the agenda. Due process must be


  1. Frequency of Meetings: “New Group at UWM” meetings will be held twice a month September through May and once a month June through
  2. Authority for Calling Regular and Special Meetings: Two officers can call a special meeting provided 48 hours’ notice is given to voting
  3. Parliamentary Authority: Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, for any meeting procedure not covered in this
  4. Committees: “New Group at UWM” shall have the following standing committees: Executive, Membership, and Promotion. The Executive Committee shall consist of all executive officers and two members at-large appointed at a regularly scheduled meeting. The membership committee shall consist of the Membership Coordinator and five members appointed at a regularly scheduled meeting. The Promotions Committee shall consist of the Assistant Director and five members appointed at a regularly scheduled meeting. All committee duties are outlined in the membership


This document must be ratified by 2/3 vote at two consecutive regularly scheduled meetings.

This document may be amended at a regular meeting by a 2/3 vote of the membership providing the membership has been advised of the proposed changes at least two weeks in advance.

Once we’ve got them, what do we do with them?

Remember the reasons for having a constitution and bylaws is to articulate the purpose of your organization and spell out the procedures to be followed in order to function. Once you have developed your constitution and bylaws, review them often.  The needs of your group will change over time and it’s important that the constitution and bylaws are kept up to date to reflect the current state of affairs.

Make sure every new member of the organization has a copy of the bylaws.  This will help to unify your members by informing them about the opportunities that exist for participation and the procedures they should follow to be an active, contributing member.  A thorough study of the constitution and bylaws should be a part of officer training and transition.

Sources:Robert, General Henry M., (1979) Robert’s Rules of Order REVISED, Morrow Quill Paperbacks, New York: NY. University of Iowa “Student Organization Resource Manual University of Michigan Student Activity & Leadership Reference Sheets

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