Catering at UWM may be provided by UWM Restaurant Operations or 20/20 Catering.  Wisconsin Health Regulations prohibit user groups from preparing and/or bringing in their own food; see Exception A.  The use of non-University caterers must meet criteria listed in Exception B., a-f.  To comply with the University and UWM Union guidelines, all alcoholic beverages must be supplied by 20/20 Catering.

Exception A (One time Exception): Bringing own food on campus for a meeting or event.

For closed events that are not open to the general public, permission may be granted to registered student organizations to provide their own food for non-catered events if the following conditions are met:

  1. The event is restricted to Union meeting rooms or Fireside Lounge.
  2. Attendance is restricted to 150 or less.
  3. No food will be prepared or cooked on site.
  4. The organization will furnish their own equipment, serving utensils, warming trays, etc.
  5. The organization will be responsible for cleanup and garbage disposal.
  6. Outside businesses may not cater events in the UWM Union.
  7. Alcohol is not allowed.

Exception B (One Time Exception): Non-university caterers may be used under the following conditions:

  1. Caterer is appropriately licensed by local authorities.
  2. The caterer is able to provide a certificate of insurance as required by the UW System Risk Management Policy and Procedure Manual.
  3. If university funds are used, state purchasing procedures must be followed.
  4. The UWM Guidelines contained in S-5 for the Service of Alcohol are strictly followed. (If alcoholic beverages are to be served at such events, Restaurant Operations must have exclusive authority to dispense them.)
  5. The university sponsor of the catered event makes adequate arrangements for the safe and sanitary disposal of food refuse as well as any general clean-up that is required after the event.
  6. If the facilities of either the UWM Union or Residence Halls are used, all catering arrangements (including those with a specialty caterer) will be handled by UWM Restaurant Operations.

Procedures for use of a non-university caterer:

  1. The organization must meet with the Catering Manager – with caterer’s name – two weeks prior to the event to allow for processing all paperwork.
  2. UWM Restaurant Operations will contact the caterer and make all event arrangements including menu, licensing, insurance, purchasing requisition.
  3. Outside caterers cannot use any Restaurant Operations space: kitchens, coolers, freezers, etc.; cannot use any Restaurant Operations equipment:  china, utensils, tables, linens, etc.; cannot use any Dining Services personnel; will not have access to water or ice from any Restaurant Operations space.
  4. A pre-event walk-though will be scheduled with the caterer to define their responsibilities. Failure to participate in this walk-through does not waive the caterer’s responsibilities for the event.
  5. UWM Restaurant Operations will bill the organization for all services by the caterer plus a 25% service fee.
  6. The event sponsor is responsible for securing the space for the event and for any associated charges or fees for the space.
  7. All arrangements must be completed a minimum of three business days prior to the event.


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