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Dietmar Wolfram

Professor Dietmar Wolfram has been a member of the UW-Milwaukee School of Information Studies (SOIS) faculty since 1990. He received his Ph.D. in Library and Information Science from the University of Western Ontario in Canada. Dr. Wolfram teaches courses in… Read More

J. Dietenberger

J. Dietenberger is an Executive Strategic Consultant, University Lecturer, Administrator, and Engineer in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Internships, and Technology.  He brings ivy league training, extensive sector, and multi-industry expertise.  He is a senior-level Information Technology, Project Management, and Organizational Development… Read More

Cary Costello

Dr. Cary Gabriel Costello is Director of the UWM LGBT+ Studies Program, which is in fact the second oldest independent LGBT+ studies program in the U.S. He is also a sociology professor who studies the intersections of race/class/gender/sexuality/disability, the body,… Read More

The Importance of Records and Archives in Society

This presentation will focus on the vital role that records and archives play in society. Archives are vital concentrators of knowledge because of their role in centralizing access to records. Records are essential extensions of human memory that can be… Read More

Tobiah Deutsch

Admission and Advising positions since 2004. WACAC Member 2004-2010 WACAC New Counselor Chair 2007-2010 UWM Advisor of the Year 2014 Current NACADA/WACADA Member NACADA Tech Commission Member WACADA President 2015-2016 Presentations accpeted/given at state, regional, national and international conferences on… Read More