Campus Ergonomics Services serves the UWM campus and greater Milwaukee community, operating out of the Occupational Ergonomics Laboratory. Fees are associated with assessments and training.

Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic job analysis is a service assisting companies to identify and reduce health risks in the workplace.

Office Ergonomics Training

In a world of sophisticated technology, office workers are subjected to physical stresses that prevent them from performing at their best. This training assists participants in recognizing the causes of physical stresses at their workstations, and reviews office ergonomics.

Back Care Training

This training offers practical advice to supervisors and employees on how to reduce their risk of incurring back injuries through use of proper back care and body mechanics.

Early Return to Work Services

Early intervention strategies and early return to work programs result in decreased lost time, increased productivity, and decreased workers’ compensation and disability costs. Early intervention is the primary factor upon which the foundation of medical, psychosocial and vocational rehabilitation is established. Early return to work services explore opportunities, accommodations and supports for injured employees.