Connor J. Lynch

  • Junior, Psychology and Political Science double major

Entering UWM I was not sure how I would feel about my college experience, but I am pleased to say that these past three years have been extremely rewarding. I will be graduating in the spring of 2022 as a member of the Honors College, majoring in Psychology and Political Science and minoring in Chinese.

After I graduate, I plan to continue my academic career in a graduate program to earn my PhD in psychology. I am particularly grateful for the opportunity to participate in the SURF program as a research assistant in Dr. Hobart Davies’ Child Stress and Coping lab, where I have learned research skills from a fantastic group of graduate and undergraduate students. I am excited to apply this knowledge to my future career after enjoying my remaining time studying at UWM. I appreciate the honor of being recognized by Phi Beta Kappa and look forward to my future as a member.