Ranjak Joshi

  • Senior, Biological Sciences and Neurosciences double major on a pre-med track

As a double major in biology and neuroscience on the pre-med track, I have been fortunate to have many opportunities to pursue my passions for science and medicine. Throughout my undergraduate years, I have been actively involved in research with Dr. Mirza since my freshman year, which has allowed me to gain valuable hands-on experience in the lab and learn more about the field of neuroscience. I am grateful for Dr. Mirza's guidance and support, as well as Ethan's help and mentorship along the way.

In addition to research, I have also been actively involved in teaching and mentoring. As an SI leader since my sophomore year, I have had the privilege of working with students and helping them to better understand course material. Furthermore, as a TA for the department of biochemistry/chemistry last semester, I was able to deepen my own understanding of the subject matter while also helping students to succeed in the class. I have found that I truly enjoy teaching and learning, and I hope to continue pursuing these passions in my future academic and professional pursuits.

Overall, my experiences at UWM have given me a strong foundation in both the theoretical and practical aspects of science and medicine.