Diana Illencik

  • Senior, Sociology and Comparative Ethnic Studies double major

The invitation to join Phi Beta Kappa at UW-Milwaukee is a great honor. Being an international student, the beginnings of my studies at UWM were truly challenging. With the help of excellent professors and various resources, I was able to develop the necessary skills for academic success, and I will be soon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Comparative Ethnic Studies, as well as a certificate in Quantitative Social Data Analysis. Involvement in the undergraduate research helped me to discover my passion for research, which I plan to pursue further in a graduate school.

During my last semester, I designed and undertook an independent research project as an intern for Refugees International. As a volunteer for the Center for International Education, I was able to share my experience as an international student with other incoming students, as well as develop friendships with people from all over the world. I thank my academic advisors and faculty members who helped me plan my academic career and overcome all the unexpected obstacles that I encountered during my studies. My experience at UWM has been truly rewarding and transformative, and I look forward to further advancing my education in the future.