Rebecca Louise Bird

  • Senior, Business-Human Resources

When deciding where I wanted to go to college during high school, I was unsure of what I wanted to achieve in my life. Many of my friends had interests in biology, nursing, etc., but I did not have the same certainty about my future. I felt as though I was falling behind in not having a concrete idea or direction. When I was accepted into UW-Milwaukee, I decided to start in their business program as I could see how this field had a direct application to many career paths that I could choose to follow. Because of my love of international travel, different cultures, and languages, I decided to also take a minor in Spanish. After my first semester, I was invited to join the Honors college where the classes helped me find my place and figure out what was best for my future. Through my time at UWM, I have been able to learn so many things outside of just the business sphere, I learned about history, Spanish culture, and diversity. Professors like Alan Singer and Ben Schneider helped me excel by making me become more curious about new learning experiences and the world and people around me. Post-college, I hope to find a Human Resource job where I can share my knowledge and help develop people to become the best version of themselves.