Teams FAQ’s

Please view our frequently asked questions to find more information on Teams Calling and the project itself. This list will continue to grow throughout the project, please check back frequently or submit a question below.

How do I access Microsoft Teams?

For the best functionality, we recommend that you download and install the desktop application. To install the Teams desktop application, follow the directions below:

The Teams mobile app can be installed on a smart phone or tablet. Directions are below:

You can also access Teams using Office 365 on the web but there are limitations to functionality. For this reason, we recommend that you download and install the desktop app and do not use the online version.

How do I get started using Teams?

Check out the Resources section on this site! There you will find one-page quick start guides, robust KnowledgeBase articles, online videos, and hands-on training for learning more about Teams.

Using Teams, can I collaborate with users outside of UWM?

Yes, as long as the user has an existing, or creates a new, account with Microsoft, they will be able to collaborate with you in Teams!

For instructions on how to have one-on-one chats with external users please visit the UWM Knowledge Base website.

For more information on the Guest User Experience please visit Microsoft’s website.

What is the difference between Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive?

For more information about the differences between Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive, please visit the What to Use When page.

What is the difference between Microsoft Teams and a Team Site?

Microsoft Teams is the overall application that houses an array of communication and collaboration tools such as Chat, Teams and Calls.

Teams Sites are housed within the Teams tab in Microsoft Teams and are where groups of users can collaboratively work towards an end goal.

Do records retention rules apply to content in Teams?

Yes, see the UWM Libraries page on Electronic Records for more information.

Is Microsoft Teams HIPAA compliant?

UWM does have a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Microsoft which results in Microsoft Teams being a HIPAA compliant solution. Although the platform itself is HIPAA compliant, it is still the responsibility of the individual to use the platform in a safe and secure manner that aligns with HIPAA compliance guidelines. Further, while the platform is HIPAA compliant, the UWM Information Security Department recommends minimizing the collection and storage of HIPAA-covered data within the Teams environment whenever possible.

Can I still use Skype for Business?

No, Skype for Business has been retired at UWM. All Skype users can find the same functionality using Teams.

If you have Skype for Business installed on your computer, it will remain installed until Microsoft officially retires the product. If you try to use Skype for Business, you will be prompted to use Teams instead.

Project Questions
Why is this project happening?

UWM currently utilizes Microsoft services for email, calendar, file storage, and collaboration. Adding the Calls component within Teams makes for a complete suite of communication products that can work seamlessly together.

Through this project, faculty and staff at UWM will have access to their own individual phone number, voicemail and calling features without additional charges to their individual department.

Can I opt-out of this project?

During this project, UWM is migrating its current telephony system to Microsoft Teams; there is no way to opt out of this project.

What is an individual phone number?

An individual phone number refers to a direct number assigned to you as an individual and employee at UWM. This number would be the phone number someone would call to speak to you directly or to leave you a voicemail.

What is a shared phone number?

A shared phone number refers to a number that reaches a group of individuals or a department/location. For example, a phone number shared by multiple employees, the front desk for a department, reception area, or call center.

My department has a fax machine and/or credit card machine connected to a phone line, is that included in this project?

Fax machines and credit card machines will be addressed in a later phase of the project.

Are College of General Studies staff included in this project?

Yes, College of General Studies (CGS) faculty and staff will receive a Teams number during the rollout. However, based on current phone configuration, CGS employees may continue to use both their individual phone number and their Teams phone number. There will be additional communication for CGS staff.

Faculty and staff at the College of General Studies (CGS) will need to reach out to the telephony staff at their location to have their individual phone number forwarded to Teams.

Teams Calling
If the internet is down, will I still be able to make/receive phone calls?

If the internet is down, you will not be able to make or receive calls using Teams.

My department has phone numbers that are utilized by multiple people (such as a shared phone, front desk number or a call tree), what will happen to those phone numbers?

In Phase 2 of the project, we will reach out to those with shared phone numbers, front desk/departmental numbers and call trees.

How does 911 work with Teams?

The 911 system in Teams will enable you to place a call from your computer to a 911 operator if there is power to your computer and it has an internet connection. Your location information will be your office location at UWM. If you are not in your office, you will need to provide your current location to the 911 operator.

If calling 911, it is recommended that you verify your location with the 911 operator.

Will my saved voicemails on my individual phone line transfer to Teams?

If you have saved voicemails, they will not transfer to Teams.

Faculty and staff who had a voicemail box on their individual phone line will have until August 28, 2020 to listen to voicemail messages. On August 28, the service will be cut off and you will no longer have access to this voicemail box.

How do new UWM employees get a Teams phone number?

After a new faculty or staff member is hired, the process begins to assign them a number in Microsoft Teams. Once the phone number has been assigned, the new employee will receive a Teams Calling welcome email with their phone number and resources for learning to use Teams Calling.

During this project, I received a new phone number. How do I update my phone number information so it appears when people search for me in the UWM directory?

For directions on how to update your phone information so that your current phone number appears in the UWM directory, see this UWM Knowldgebase Article.

Device Options
Can I get a headset to use with Teams Calls?

If you do not have the necessary equipment to use Teams Calls and need a headset, you can reserve a headset by filling out the Teams Headset Reservation Form.

Can I continue to use my existing desk phone with Teams?

Existing desk phones will not work with Teams.

Will my personal headphones work with Teams Calls?

If you are using your own headphones, it depends on the device if they will be compatible with Teams Calls. If you have questions about device compatibility, please contact the UWM Help Desk at 414-229-4040 or visit

Are there other devices my department can purchase to use with Teams Calls?

Several devices have been tested and approved by University IT Services for campus usage of Teams Calling.

These devices are available for purchase through the UWM TechStore. Please visit their website to see the full list of speakers, desk phones, and wireless headphones that are available. Those devices that have been approved will be listed on the Teams Devices webpage on the UWM TechStore’s online shop.

Desk phones offered through the UWM TechStore will only function on UWM’s on-site network, they are not for remote-home use.